White nationalists & Media intimidation

ReclaimWhat has been resurrected.

Well, the blog itself, temporarily, and for good reason. This is the only place we can explain and discuss recent events without being mass-reported or censored by ‘the fuhrer’.

Some have noticed that as of late, the media seems to have backed right off the UPF et al in terms of reporting some of the less comedic happenings within the inner sanctum of Fortitude and their ‘street movement’. Many wish to believe the reason for this is because when you starve something of attention, it dies. I wish that were true, but it’s not.

To understand this, we need to understand the history of some of the elements within UPF, elements that are older than the leader himself.

National Action is a now defunct pseudo-political group that existed in Australia from Anzac Day, 1982. One of the prominent members was Dr Jim Saleam, the current ‘fuhrer’ of Australia First Party. National Action and Dr. Saleam are perhaps best known for the shotgun attack which he ordered on the home of African National Congress representative Eddie Funde in the late 1980s, at which time two National Action members, Jason Frost and Michael White, were arrested. They both implicated Saleam, telling the court that he had given them a balaclava, a shotgun and eight dollars each for a drink to steady their nerves.
Saleam has also served time for arson and fraud.

Saleam’s history is less than savoury, but it didn’t stop UPF enlisting his ‘expertise’ mid last year. This led to a Fairfax article titled Far-right anti-Islam group to rally at Victorian Parliament House.

Although Dr Saleam’s history goes as far back as the Australian National Socialist Party in the 1960s (Australian Nazi Party), and although he still shares the same sentiments today as he did almost 50 years ago, the man continues to act as a puppet master for the vessels he believes he can plant the legacy of the failed AFP/ANSP/NA into.

UPF & Fortitude is one of them.

I’ll temporarily bring you back to current events. Many have noticed that the recent leaks from the ‘UPF Inner Circle’, although extremely damaging for Blair Cottrell and his compatriots, have gone largely unnoticed by the media itself, but the very same media seems to be happy to report that Blair Cottrell was seen eating a kebab. As ironic as that may be, it doesn’t quite hit the mark of the dangers and urgency of far-right extremism taking a hold in Australia.

Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson recently unceremoniously dumped UPF and Blair Cottrell, with Neil outing Blair and his fellow UPF friends as ‘Nazis’. Erikson (correctly) states he was (is) a Nazi, and consequently, knows with whom the UPF and Blair have colluded. This included Jim Saleam, Nathan Sykes, and Jim Perren.


The timing in which this happened was not favourable for Blair Cottrell, as he has recently attempted to get his pseudo-political bowel movement, ‘Fortitude’ off the ground. Although he deep down may be aware that Fortitude couldn’t possibly make it to 500 signed members, submit their records to the AEC, and have the registration completed (which takes on average 3 months from submission) before the writs to the next election are called, it hasn’t stopped Chris Shortis pouring $20,000 of his own money into the doomed-to-fail political party. The results in regional towns, where Fortitude expected a stronghold, have been largely underwhelming, further embarrassing Cottrell with his hideously overstated attendance estimates.

One thing that Blair Cottrell has demonstrated is severe rage issues. As recently discovered, Blair partook in a film created by fellow inmates in Port Phillip Prison where he took the pseudonym ‘Bruce’, and almost proudly described the reasons he was holed up, including threats to kill (and coming bloody close to doing so), steroid abuse (continuing today), stalking, arson etc.

Blair seemingly cannot handle the media giving him negative press. More than once, Blair has attempted to approach Fairfax media, using standover tactics and intimidation to heckle and bully their staff into submitting to his demands regarding articles their journalists have created. This includes articles created by regional arms of Fairfax printed press.
Blair has attempted the same tactics with members of parliament and councillors, including Victorian State Premier, The Hon. Daniel Andrews (but has failed each time), Councillor Stephen Jolly, and others.

Sadly, this intimidation against the media is seemingly working.

Since Neil Erikson has split from the UPF, there seems to be a surprising amount of leaks coming from the inner working of the group. We’ve received some of these leaks.
You may recall a video published some months ago with Neil Erikson and Chris Shortis attempting to gain access to The Age head office, complaining about the article written about Chris Shortis being compared to terrorist Anders Breivik. 

The screenshots within the video,  (skip to 5:30), claiming to be Fairfax journalist Luke McMahon messaging Shermon Burgess about his paedophile father, we now understand, are fake. They are actually Nathan Sykes, the self-loathing white nationalist Jew (see here for info), impersonating McMahon.

You see, it’s not just UPF who is leaking, but AFP (Australia First Party) now are too.

We already understand that Blair Cottrell demanded the take down of The Great Aussie Patriot page by his fellow henchmen in January 2016, as discovered when his facebook was hacked and sensitive information from within the ‘UPF Inner Circle’ was downloaded and released to the public.


We now have been given further information that implicates Nathan Sykes as not only the person messaging Shermon Burgess (as directed by AFP), but also of the Australia First Party working with United Patriots Front to take out The Great Aussie Patriot, at BC’s (Blair Cottrell’s) behest, and immediately after, confirming he was indeed the person messaging ‘Burgess’ (Shermon).


Blair also seems to be demanding more mass-reports over the past week or so, since the massive leaks from within the UPF, and the videos from Port Phillip Prison, with TIRW suffering removals of posts from Facebook (for ridiculous reasons) and TRGAP being (unsuccessfully and temporarily) unpublished.

But why is this all important to note?

Because these tactics of intimidation and bullying to shut down the media reporting on the activities of the far-right has happened before, and is happening again.

Dr Jim Saleam and National Action organised themselves in such a way that they had ‘intelligence officers’ who collected and collated data on suspected persons.
These suspected persons included ASIO officers and analysts, Australian Federal Police officers, State Police officers, and the media/journalists. This was in an attempt to not only keep a leak-free tight ship, but also to use intimidation to have any of the aforementioned back off:

“Obtaining details on intelligence officers and members of state police as well as the Special Branch fed National Action’s more aggressive counterintelligence measures. In 1989, a Sydney Morning Herald journalist reported that National Action had mailed a three page letter to the home addresses of NSW police officers. The letter suggested that the Special Branch had been requested to undertake the anti-racism cause and was ‘out to get anyone who is proAustralian and opposed to Asian uncontrolled immigration’. 

The letter continued to assert there was a liaison between Special Branch, the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force and Sydney Anti-apartheid activist Rev Dorothy McMahon. However, for many the contents of the letter campaign were of less interest than the ability of National Action to obtain the names and private addresses of NSW police officers. According to the media report officers were distressed at the prospects that a radical group such as National Action was able to gather their personal details.

Source: Combating Political Police: An Overview of National Action’s Counterintelligence Program 1982–1990

You see, the above was at the behest of Dr Jim Saleam, the current head of Australia First Party who is also involved with United Patriots Front/Fortitude. Both Blair Cottrell and Jim Saleam have a keen interest in one another. Blair Cottrell looks up to Dr Saleam as a mentor, and one can assume that Saleam sees Cottrell as almost a protege. What has obviously been handed down to Cottrell is the intimidation tactics used to have the media and ASIO back off.
Unfortunately, it seems to be having some effect on the media.

It is for this reason you may notice TIRW, TRGAP, slackbastard and other pages who are attempting to release this information as soon as it comes to hand, being taken out as quickly as the information comes available.

Blair Cottrell is in panic mode, and we are attempting to get all of this out.

We anticipate further damaging information is soon to come out and therefore, Blair Cottrell (and Jim Saleam by proxy) are expected to act more rash.


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