Ever further right?

Today, we are apparently saying goodbye to Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson. Call me pessimistic (optimistic?), but I believe we will see both of them again, very soon.

Shermon Burgess announced today, around 4.30PM, that he was leaving United Patriots Front and handing the reins over to Blair.
He blamed this mostly on ‘patriots’, including a convicted murderer Michael Beeche, who has been supposedly spreading ‘vicious’ rumours about Shermon. Basically, he pulled a Tony Abbott, blaming everyone but himself.
In an odd turn of events, though, Neil Erikson also quit, albeit in a much less rage-like manner.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.35.30 pm

A few months back, we predicted that Shermon would soon step down, although, we thought it would be done through coercion. In saying that, however, there isn’t yet reason to believe he wasn’t coerced into stepping down.

Typically for the far-right, this is now an excuse to steal money.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.13.51 pm

This was also apparently in motion for some weeks – news networks began referring to Blair as “national leader” in reports, and Shermon was absent for majority of recent stunts.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.54.01 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.02.22 pm

To understand the reason we believed this, one only needs to asses Blair, and the way the UPF was formed.
The formation of UPF came off the back of the Reclaim Australia ship sinking. We documented this throughout early May 2015. He formed the United Patriots Front shortly after, and took on 2 new, but old faces.

The first addition was Neil Erikson. Neil was involved in The Great Aussie Patriot for many months prior to the formation of UPF under the guise of “Nationalist Republican Guard”, but was seemingly kept under wraps due to the fact he was a convicted antisemite, and had a long history of neo-nazi online mishaps.

The second new addition was Blair Cottrell. For months prior to the formation of UPF, we had seen ramblings of Blair on the wall of The Great Aussie Partriot, and his presence under Nationalist Alternative guard at the April 4 Reclaim Australia rally.
IMG_7041Blair’s comments on these pages were… different.

It is for this reason that we believe the UPF is about to take another right-turn. Anyone who has analysed the differences between Blair and Shermon has definitely noticed that Blair talks far less about Islam, and far more about pseudopolitics.
IMG_7896 IMG_7900 IMG_7931In fact, very few of his posts even focus on “Islamisation” or “Sharia Law” like most other bigots do. No, his posts focus on perceived “Communism, Anarchism” and “diversity agent dogma.” His stance is anti-humanitarian, anti-multiculturalism, anti-LGBTQI, anti-feminine and anti-equality. He has an ugly history for this, too.

One must ask, what direction is the UPF headed? We’re of the belief that it will slowly turn away from Islamic-based rhetoric, and more broad anti-left, anti-government, conspiracist commentary.

Only time will tell…


5 thoughts on “Ever further right?

  1. arthurmedes says:

    Some members of the United Patriotic Front have lost sight of our enemy.
    Those joining our battle should heed our chosen course and cease in-fighting.
    They should consider what their main priority is and join THAT MOVEMENT.
    The United Patriotic Front is all about the attempted islamisation of Australia.
    [That is not ignoring all other countries who have exactly the same problem.]
    Pro-Nazism and Anti-Semite and all other issues should join a similar group.
    Do nor try to destroy our movement.
    Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson are tireless workers for our cause (anti-islam) and should be praised for their tenacity not singled out by those who are not interested in our fight and choose to change us.
    We have no beef with you or your cause, simply join a group with those aims and good luck to you.

    Thanks Sherman and Neil, please reconsider your decision. Stand firm. Come back.

    islam is our enemy.
    islam is not even a religion – it is a cult!
    There is not one single country throughout the entire world where muslims do not create trouble.
    If somebody disagrees with that comment – name that country?
    muslims hate Jews,
    muslims hate Christians,
    muslims hate atheists,
    muslims even hate other muslims!!!
    Australia does not need islam,
    Australia does not need halal (animal torture),
    Australia does not need burquas,
    Australia does not need under-age brides,
    Australia does not need terrorists, under-age especially.
    As soon as Australia’s Parliament lowers its Laws on charging 12-year-old terrorist recruits, islamic terrorists will target even younger children.
    Not only the children should be charged, but the parents of the child also. It is their fault for permitting their child to associate with those types.
    Secrecy is no excuse.
    Adults know who the terrorists and even without supporting them, thereby agreeing with their plots.


  2. raidbaqartumas says:

    Congratulations Mindmadeup, both you and the Administrator of ReclaimWhat.net certainly out that ponce Arthur Medes in his place. The idiot even tried to claim one of you was a fake ! ! ! Ha, ha, ha. HE must have mistaken this website as being anti-Islam. That a dolt.
    I heard he even tried to claim the Admin was a fake?!?!?!?!?
    However, it appears he knows you personally.
    يحيا الله
    as I managed to see a reply he made to to your post.
    Is it possible you know him?


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