Times are changing.

Think back a couple of months ago. Think back to say, January. 

Reclaim Australia was building, The Great Aussie Patriot (Shermon Burgess) had just hit 10,000 likes on the second iteration of his page, Neil was finishing his community service order, Blair was still trolling youtube with overt support of Hitler, and Ralph was still in prison.

The focus of the entire movement back then was anti-Islam, hell, even Shermon was asking Muslims against Shariah to support the Reclaim Australia rallies

Wind forward to April 4. The first Reclaim Australia rally was far from a success. Not only did it attract hideous attention to their movement, but Melbourne was an utter failure. There was some major mishap on their Twitter feed, 8 Nauru guards working for Wilson Security were stood down for their social media posts and attendance to the hate rally, and the only political attention Reclaim Australia really received was ridicule from Labor MP Tim Watts, and Daniel Andrews denouncing the affair. 

Beyond this date, tensions simmered. Blame had to be laid, and this time, they couldn’t blame Muslims. On 17 May 2015, Shermon Burgess threw down the gauntlet, and lost. He was deposed by Reclaim Australia. UPF was born.

Reclaim Australia pressed on with their intentions of a July rally, and UPF, newly formed, held their first demonstration in the ‘lefty stronghold’ of Richmond. Less than 100 UPF supporters turned up. Shermon was obviously disheartened by his split from RA not attracting anywhere near the numbers in April, people were confused about what the actual protest was about, and they lost in Melbourne.

Unable to cope with the embarrassment they had brought upon themselves, Shermon declared they too would be rallying in July along side of RA. During June, discussions leaked amongst harder line nationalists about cleaning up the image of National Socialism to sell it to the ‘stupid’ masses of RA/UPF. On July 18, after attacking Reclaim Australia, UPF held another demonstration in Melbourne. This was again, a disaster. 

UPF then scrambled to organise their next protest. In a typical fashion, the UPF jumped on board of an existing social issue – the Bendigo Mosque. (Un)fortunately (for them), it was too late. VCAT had already approved the development. UPF persisted, defaming the Mayor, and the CEO of a homelessness charity. The August Bendigo rally saw what was arguably equal numbers of protestors on either side of the issue – it also exposed some very ugly colours within the UPF movement.

It was at this point that the shift became obvious. 

We always predicted that the UPF was never going to actually be Shermon’s love child for an extended period of time. This change has already begun.

See, when the UPF formed, the anti-Islamic rhetoric largely came from Shermon himself. Blair and Neil stayed relatively quiet on the issue. Neil played Jessica Fletcher in a warped version of ‘Corruption she wrote’, Blair played Mr.Pseudopolitical angry analyst, and tag-along Linden played the town potato. Each had a role, a role that largely fails to coexist.

We also foresaw what was likely going to be insurrection against Shermon, for the leadership of UPF. Deposing a group’s leader is nothing new to Neil. Although this has not yet likely come to fruition, I see it in the process. See, Shermon is a liability, whilst also an asset. On the side of being an asset, he is the ‘face’ of the movement – somewhat of a legacy to the anti-Islamic groups within Australia. Although the self styled ‘patriot’ is no stranger to controversy (ADL, PDLA split, RA and UPF drama), he is a familiar face that the most fervent of followers will always follow. On the other hand, he is a liability. Shermon has a tendency to say the wrong thing, and quite often. He’s found himself in trouble many times for overt racism, sexism, and other unsavoury ramblings. It’s also very likely that Shermon doesn’t quite understand what he is now involved in.

Now, Shermon is an idiot. We all know that. He also isn’t shy of a cheeky conspiracy. 

Over the past few weeks, Shermon has been going off the rails into conspiracy land. NWO, Agenda 21, 9/11, Moonlanding, Zionism – you name it, he believes it. He somehow believes that Islam is tied into this, but it is no longer Islam being the ‘figurehead’ of these tumultuous times, no, it is the government. He is sure that the government is deliberately plotting against the citizens. He also seems not to be alone in this.

Whilst all this is happening, Blair and Neil are taking the UPF for a joyride. See – it is no longer about Islam, it really never was.

Neil was a member of Nationalist Alternative, and Blair is related to current members of said group. Both share overt nationalism and a sympathetic view of NSDAP in common. Blair has been ‘testing the waters’ on racism and anti-Multiculturalism for a while now. Whilst some will argue that they support Multiethnicism, but are against the ‘culture’ part of Multicultualism, both Blair and Neil are just plain racist. To them, it is no different. It’s Ivory all the way. 
Groups suchs as Nationalist Alternative, Hammerskins, Whitelaw Towers, Combat 18 et al. have never had the platform that UPF have had before. It’s quite unsurprising to know that they’re desperately trying to launch their own agendas into the public ‘success’ of UPF. Shermon was the idiotic guard dog standing in the way. They threw him a bone (conspiracy theories), and he was off fondling books and theories about the evil Rothschilds, Zionists and UN members – leaving them free reign to the UPF, and the direction of the movement. It’s what other hard line nationalists like Nathan Sykes and Peter Campbell want to see, that we will see soon. UPF is apparently ‘too softcore’

Blair is now displaying attacks on the state, democracy, multiculturalism, homosexuality, etc. all whilst claiming we live under some form of Communist politburo, after the allowance to the intake of 12,000 additional Syrian refugees. Neil is doing the same, but in a far less fashionable manner.

The entirety of the movement is becoming seditious. Blair’s previous ‘love’ for the state, democracy (hell, he named his faux-party after democracy), and authority has died. The days of ‘police are patriots’ is dead. The police sprayed him in the face, after all. It’s now about the ‘power of the people’.

‘State imposed dogma’ is his new catchphrase. Blair is playing with sedition, and his question is how far he can take it, before it lands him in trouble with the Criminal Code.

And you know what? It’s working. ‘Patriots’ no longer want to protect Australian law – they want to undo it. They no longer wish to respect democratic process, they want to ‘storm’ it. Blair’s envisaged revolution is coming to fruition, and all he has had to do is make a few videos, and keep up appearances. It’s also growing at an alarming rate.


My worry isn’t so much their capability to infiltrate parliament legally. They barely have the capacity to coordinate 4 ‘leaders’ within their movement, let alone the 150 required candidates to actually represent all electorates in parliament. No, my concern is the infiltration of parliament illegally. The language now used by the UPF is anti-state. They mention that they will “keep protesting” in Bendigo until the mosque is stopped. That’s not legally possible, so we have a stalemate. The state isn’t going to back out, is UPF?

I believe not. Blair knows that shoving hundreds of idiots in front of a town hall to scream at councillors and the mayor isn’t actually going to work. He also knows that writing letters to the Governer General in hope that a councillor will be dismissed like Whitlam will not work. He also knows that having people yell at a town meeting isn’t going to see the mayor gracefully resign.

So, what is he hoping for? Well, sedition. That’s all that really left.

How he plans on ‘handling’ seditious behaviour, how he plans on routing it to his benefit, or even coordination of the sedition is questionable. The one thing we know, is that he is self-touting himself as the answer to the question. 

What happens over the coming weeks and months will be nothing short of interesting. It’s all happening. 



5 thoughts on “Times are changing.

  1. Alex says:

    I’m unsure whether Blair thinks writing letters will have an effect. To harbor his kind of views (which are really at odds with reality) indicates he has some sort of personality / brain dysfunction. He may actually believe his own bullshit.


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