UPF forcefully ‘ejecting’ their own following.

July 18 and 19 saw a second attempt at Reclaim Australia and UPF with their anti-Islamic rallies. Although their page numbers may have grown (or at least, shifted between eachother), their turnouts have diminished. The Reclaim Australia side was far smaller than the original rally in April 4. UPF even outdid their abysmal showing in May 31, where approximately 60 hardcore fascists showed up. On July 18, there was only a bus load. 

What was particularly interesting were the staged videos (propaganda) that UPF released before and after the rally. The first came on the night of the 17th, depicting Ralph Cerminara outside a hastily pulled-over bus, telling Ross May (the Skull) he was not welcome on the bus.

There are several reasons I’m not buying this:

  1. Everyone knows that Ross May doesn’t take to criticism lightly. The man would never comply like that.
  2. They’ve pulled over in the middle of what seems to be nowhere, and dumped him. 
  3. Police apparently ‘took him away’ after the video was filmed. What for?
  4. The man is well known to everyone. How was he allowed on the bus to begin with? UPF have gone as far as calling him a ‘leftie plant’ before, are you honestly telling me that not one person noticed him screaming ‘squadron 88!’ as he was boarding?
  5. The man is a long time friend of Jim Saleam. Why ‘eject’ him, but claim solidarity with Australia First?

The next day, they had their failure of a rally. What was noticed by many was Glen Anderson in attendance of Reclaim Australia. Now, given that Reclaim Australia and UPF were sequential rallies, not one together, means that someone is lying. 

Reclaim Australia claim they ejected Mr Anderson from the rally. If this was the case, then why was he still present during and after the UPF rally?

On July 19th, Ralph Cerminara posted yet another video to the UPF page showing him screaming at a not-so-compliant Glen Anderson. I’ll give that a 2/10, considering he had overnight to work on making the video more convincing than the compliant Ross May version merely hours before. 

These two videos fed more bullshit to their following who are already bordering on sepsis from all the crap they’re told. It was a great tactic. “We can’t be nazis, we kicked them out.”

Well, the issue with that is, they didn’t.

See, back in May, on the 31st, a little shaved-head young man named ‘James Lawrence’ was photographed hanging with ‘da boiz’ at their ‘anti communism’ rally in Richmond. 

The problem with this, is the kid is an unabashed neo nazi. 

“Oh you’re just throwing those words around!”. Am I?


James is part of many far-right white supremacist groups including Combat 18, as can be seen on his shirt (18=AH=Adolf Hitler). 

James Lawrence also has a public YouTube broadcast where he discusses his ‘issues’ with UPF not being “Jew Wise” just yet, but beloved they show promising of fulfilling antisemitism soon. In the same video, he laughs about the ‘faggots’ (LGBTQI) and says they should be stoned and hanged, as promoted by the Bible. 

But that’s not the only issue. The other problem is that James is a writer/contributer to the Daily Stormer, an extremely racist white supremacist website that makes your skin crawl. 

They’ve covered the rallies before, thanks to the contribution of Mr Lawrence. 

Recently, they posted a post-rally ‘editorial’ regarding “Curry woman” on May 31. (Bucket warning).

They also covered the rally on May 31, blaming it on the ‘Jewish Media’ for the bad press it received. James Lawrence took credit for the contribution. 

Now, we kicked and screamed, so to speak, regarding this link between UPF and Mr Lawrence. It’s unfathomable to believe they didn’t realise considering how far it was spread (and how often they read my blog).

So, I was waiting for the what I believed to be ‘inevitable video’ of Ralph telling James Lawrence to fuck off.

I waited, and waited, and waited…

It never came. What did come, though, was reports and individual accounts of James Lawrence hanging with Blair Cottrell on the day. People even used the words “inseparable” to describe them. I asked around, and surely enough, there was a photograph.

The photo above shows Blair and James getting chummy, probably discussing ‘the master race’ or something. I’m not at all surprised, Blair and he share the same views, as Blair has publicly stated (in other words).

It didn’t stop there. James then posted on facebook alerting his ‘friends’ that he again contributed to Daily Stormer, and linking them to the article. 

The article is a part podcast and gives praise to Lawrence for his assistance. He warned he would be covering the July 18 rally all the way back in May. It was very well known. 

The article, located here, begins:

“The first report comes from James Lawrence, who was at both the UPF and Reclaim Australia rallies held in Melbourne.

The Left behaved like the usual degenerates that they are, with the Police having to pepper spray them.”
and ends with

“They even have a mixed-race Abo organizer, but the Left were still calling him a racist.

The Moslems at the rally refused to associate themselves with the SJWs.” (SJW = Social Justice Warrior)
To put a little more context into what the Daily Stormer report on, they wrote a response to a news article we shared on our page a few days ago, regarding the rise of white supremacism in Australia, and the fears of such as spoken by deputy police commissioner, Nick Kaldas.

The article begins:

“An Egyptian-born deputy police commissioner in New South Wales has claimed that White supremacist groups are the biggest threat to Australia’s “social cohesion”, the ABC biasedly reports.  This is why pudgy wog Nick Kaldas — whose Greek relations should disown him straightaway and join the Golden Dawn party — is promoting this howling fib.”


The article then goes on to attack race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, whilst promoting their pathetic stance of ‘white genocide’.

“The discerning reader will of course be chuckling at the use of the collective “we” from an Asian import with no lineal or historical ties to Australia. But what’s more absurd than his physical appearance and surname is his assertions, which are flagrantly anti-White. According to this overripe noodle-eater it’s the onus of every White Australian to shut up, stand back, and bend over for non-Whites to rape us out of existence.”

Quite frankly, I’m a little confused as to why Blair, the man who “speaks his mind”, is so intimidated by public backlash and our collective voices, chooses not to actually speak his mind. He still pretends he is inclusive and not racist. What a little bitch. If you feel so strongly about something, don’t let us get in the way of you. 

How their following are eating this up is a little beyond me, but we will continue to oppose them, in whatever form they take.



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