Press Release: ReclaimWhat Billboard 

RECLAIMWHAT is determined to uphold and campaign for social equality, freedom of faith, and advocate anti-discrimination.

ReclaimWhat is an organisation that originated in January 2015 as a page refuting the hateful and harmful messages pushed out by the ‘Reclaim Australia’ movement. Our message was simple – Reclaim What?

Throughout the following months, we evolved through watching the rise and fall of far-right organisations whilst countering their hate speech in several ways. We choose to do this through several different forms of media, be it written, photographic, infographic or videographic.

But as the months went on, and the inevitable splits of the far-right organisations carried on, we noticed a change from ‘anti-Islamic’ sentiment to ‘anti-Left’, which inherently carried with it rhetoric against any minority.

Our page on facebook was shut down multiple times through many coordinated reporting attacks. Our message was causing hindrance to the mobilisation of hate-groups. Nonetheless, we have always campaigned on. We decided it was time to take the message to the streets – in an effective way.

The community behind ReclaimWhat publicly fundraised $4465 in just 5 days, with over 80 individual contributors. We were granted a heavily discounted billboard in Flemington for an entire month, at 12m x 3.5m, with approximately 1.6 million potential views per month.

Our message is simple – “Hate is rising. What can you do about it?”

We provide information for many concerned citizens about the rise of xenophobia in our country, and how they can assist in stopping such. Nobody should be subjected to hateful prejudice regardless of race, age, sex, religion, sexuality or ethnicity.

We will always oppose such acts in a peaceful and informative manner. The voice of reason will not be silenced.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.10.11 pm

Media contact:
Date: 15/07/2015


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