Is it true?

Today’s “exposé”, lol – no.

But, it’s a very smart way they’ve tried, I’ll give them that.

This morning, Ralph Cerminara released a video via his facebook page claiming to have found us.

We would like to thank one of our more tech savvy users for explaining he they’ve done this ‘trick’ – we were actually quite shocked.

Before I go on, I do have to warn you it may get a little tech-jargon like. 

So, the first thing the understand is that Google uses a search crawler that doesn’t recognise the @ symbol, or any symbol for that matter, so you can replace @ with any symbol. For example, search the term, or info$ in quotes, and you’ll get the same search result. 

The quotation marks tell Google to use the exact search term, not a fragmented one, so Google is searching for the term “info”

Here’s proof:


Now, Google is showing this man’s profile – but why?

Unfortunately, he has somewhere in his public profile posted the words “Melbourne Antifascist Info, 

This has caused Google to cache those phrases and link them back to his public profile.

You can check yourself by using the cached result of his profile here. Press Control + F and search the term.

Here it is (click for full resolution):


What can people do to ensure this doesn’t happen? Really, the only thing is make your profile private, or don’t put those two facebook groups together without something between. But really, if he put the group’s “Stupid Thigs Bigot’s Say” and “” together in a public post, then the term “” will show your profile until the cache shakes it off.

Some may ask why we are going to the effort to show this if it isn’t us?

Well, we do this every time they ‘prove’ someone is us, because we fear for that persons safety. 

It is also a little silly to think that facebook would allow a search engine to actually capture someone’s facebook login address. It would also have to mean that our website has been registered since this guy has opened his profile, which a quick WhoIs search shows is untrue. We’ve only existed since January 2015.

Until next time,



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