Crossing the threshold into irreversible stupidity.

The time has come. If you follow Reclaim Australia or UPF, you fall into one of the following categories:

If you still follow Reclaim Australia, you are stupid.
If you believe the shit they say, you are an idiot. If you follow UPF, you are a white supremacist sympathiser, if not one yourself.
To their followers: There has been insurmountable evidence given to you, to peruse at your will, and either you have and blatantly ignore it, or you’ve decided not to allow yourself to be subjected to cognitive dissonance, and have chosen not to click on our links. Either way, the ignorance is your own doing.

Let’s wind back 24 hours.

Last night, Indie-Rose Oliver, aka The Great Aussie Matriarch cemented her stupid, disgusting, domestic-violence apologist views. Indie is a victim blamer. We all knew this, after she defended Blair in beating a woman into having sex with him. But she went one better last night, she defended all male DV perpetrators, claiming that women find it attractive, thus causing the DV-cycle. 11215123_517666381724093_8948266017558360740_n We published these screenshots last night, and she went into total defence mode.

The excuses became more and more pathetic as the minutes went on.

She eventually banned everyone from the page. She is disgusting, that is quite obvious. We wake up this morning to find the dreaded “your page has been unpublished” message.
Of course, as per usual, the screenshot above somehow included nudity. Nice try, Indie, but we hold the screenshots, and you cannot delete those. It should also be noted that every time we get removed, we respond in a way that makes you far-right twits angrier. Hell, last time, we crowd funded a 12.5m x 3.5m billboard and are having it placed on a major Melbourne road. Thanks Nazis!

Anyway, after the inevitable regrouping, we pressed on, business as usual. We did, however, receive an odd message from James Gilhome, with another ‘truce’ call. This would be #9382, almost the same amount of times we have been incorrectly identified by white supremacists! This one, however, was different.

Sure, it was still laden with illegitimacy and unauthentic attempts at submission, but it included a screenshot of a discussion with Reclaim Australia Melbourne, where they actually thanked us and stated they appreciated our videos, distancing them from Shermon. Now, we should point out that we in no way defend or work with that organisation, we still think they are poisonous and need to be stopped, but after these comments below, we can see why they want to move away from Mr Burgess. 10409002_1031864096824578_2089259653125811969_n Even Mike Holt was unimpressed. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.59.51 pm We decided to publish the message between Gilhome and RAR. I don’t know if we were ‘allowed to’, but I did it anyway. What can you do? 11666215_517694865054578_6752892513685508974_n This caused Reclaim Australia to respond, moments later, with one of their most idiotic statements to date. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.20.18 pm Luckily, nobody was buying their snake oil, hopefully Reclaim Australia learned a little in regards to operating a credible page. It’s called evidence. If you want to keep a clean track record of reporting the truth, like us, you kind of need to provide it. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.43.29 pmThere was a very interesting comment, however, left by a man we have crossed paths with before. Mr.Banana block V8 5L shit heap Nazi: Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.47.05 pm Sadly, what this idiot has said is very true. Nazis come in many flavours. But, where are they getting this “information” from? Of course, Stormfront. That infamous website that Neil and Blair are members on, that very website that has been linked to over 100 racially charged murders since it came into existence.

A leftie plot for sure.

We’ve had to point out before that the swastika doting man on April 4 was actually a good friend of Neil’s. We have photo evidence to back it up – here is an image of Neil and that very man, moshing, at a Hammerskins (white supremacist) festival in 2013. img_6522 I mean, let’s be serious here for a moment. How fucking stupid does Monika Evers think her following is? Claiming that Stormfront is “left” is exactly on par with saying that far-right is actually the far-left, fascism is freedom, Hitler was a humanitarian, the sky is bright green, and Shermon is an egalitarian. You’ve lost your marbles. If Monika keeps this nonsense up, then the photo below, and her idea of ‘dialogue’ will become a reality. You posted the “Rojava fighters are ISIS and are actually antifa.” bullshit and we’re forced to unceremoniously pull that, so I suggest you take a damned good look at yourself.burning-bridges I digress. See, an hour after our new page was up and running, Linden and Neil decided to weigh in, to attack our page followers. Linden attempted to defend his hideously embarrassing and oh-so-slow performance on UPF the other night, where he offered the most… insightful advice into Mosque building. He claimed he was “camera shy”. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.55.48 pm But it was Neil’s comments that were, although unsurprising, still hideously racist and disgusting. 11539590_517666145057450_6758144348189418463_n Initially, I was curious as to what the comment was regarding. Could it be this man is so oozing with derogatory terms, that he’s using them interchangeably. No, of course not. About 30 minutes later, Blair Cottrell, the arsonist and woman beater, releases a video via the UPF page, claiming to know who we are, and singing off with “Asian brother”.

Of course, race always has something to do with it.
This would be, god-knows-what-number-time they have claimed to know who we are. Again, assuming we are male. Is it so unfathomable that a female would be able to run this page? Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.06.40 pm I’m trying to think why they would assume I/we are Asian. I believe it’s because Linden knows that ReclaimWhat knows him personally.
He doesn’t like this. Neil has likely sat him down, and asked – “what non-whites have you pissed off?”. Being from the northern suburbs, he’s obviously picked some innocent Asian man, and there you have it – ReclaimWhat admin unveiling attempt #39203. I really hope they get their comeuppance if they piss off the wrong person. Of course, Blair, being a Frankstonite, who stated last weekend hat he had never before ventured to Northcote, would probably have never met an Asian.
How frightening for the racist little turd.

So, what now?

Well, we press on, as per usual.

None of this is new. Our billboard will be up in only 1 week, which is extremely exciting! You can’t ‘ban’ that.

We have opened an appeal with facebook, but our success rate with these in the past has been 0%. A flawed system, much like Blah’s, Shit Dad’s and Shermon’s minds.

I believe there will be more issues surfacing soon, particularly around Shermon being unable to hold in his ego regarding these rally times. Oh, and, Reclaim Australia – Melbourne, should you wish to open dialogue, you can do so here.

But there will be strict conditions.




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