The sociopath returns.


So, as you’re aware, James Richard Gilhome, aka the turncoat, has decided to crawl out of whatever hole he hid in, and start his sociopathic crap again.

It was rather nice not having him around, as he is just a distraction.

You may remember James from the time he lied about his cat being murdered, when it actually turned out that police in Tasmania confirmed it was never reported to them. It also turned out it was extremely likely he did this to his own cat, after he released graphic photos of the gruesome murder. It also turned out that the police had visited him for an entirely different reason.
Even some of Shermon’s closest friends stated that he did indeed murder his own cat to make a point.

After that fiasco, James went into hiding. Whether this was due to him being shunned by them, or his own shame for his actions, we do not know.

James did resurface on May 31, at the UPF rally in Richmond, where he was hiding behind a skull face mask with Shermon & co. This only strengthens the rumours that he is actually living in Victoria.

Now, he has returned, to taunt us.

We stopped replying eventually, as the man is clearly becoming more desperate in an attempt to ‘bait’ us into biting back, hoping we say something incriminating. Rather than doing that, we’ve chosen to publish his messages. Sensitive information has been redacted for the safety of individuals he has named.


Now, a few things.

1. We have no idea what he is on about, but this just goes to show how absolutely unhinged and crazy this man is.

2. The legality of not only publishing the details in apprehended violence orders, but stating other sensitive information is questionable at least.

3. James Richard Gilhome is his real name. How would we know? Well, for one, the land title would state this, but secondly, he is self-employed and his ABN appears on ABR. Look it up:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.56.22 pm

What he does next isn’t too well known.

His reponse so far has been childish, to say at the least.


Update 1/7/15

If you are one of the people named below, please message the page:


The man isn’t known to show remorse, particularly when he incorrectly named slackbastard and set a lynch mob onto an innocent individual, just to score brownie points.

But we will say this. We will not respond to, or cave into threats of this nature.
We have stopped replying to this man, and if you happen to cross paths with him online, we strongly suggest you do the same.




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