What’s up with the UPF logo?

Many of you have have noticed the change in the logo for the ‘United Patriots Front’ last night.



Many people were left asking, “what the hell is that cross symbol”.

Many theories have been put forward since this first appeared on Blair Cottrell’s ‘National Democratic Party of Australia’ page, although not much effort was put in from our end trying to figure out what it was.

We had 3 initial theories.

  1. It was a variation of the Nazi Arrowcross  
  2. It was the male transgender symbol
  3. It was some type of European rune.

When it appeared on the UPF page last night, we re-dug up those theories and attempted to decipher the meaning.

As it turns out, it’s based on Young Futhark Runes, which were a runic scripture system used in the 2nd millennium, around North and Western Europe. Particularly, Norse and Swedish tribes. 


The symbol used by UPF/Blair is known as the ‘Tyr’, who is the Norse God of war, who takes sacrifices, including mead and blood. Cute.

The point is, this has nothing to do with Australia, at all. 

It is, however, rather typical of Blair, considering he chose to fill what little space he had on his Google+ bio with details of his physical capabilities, how he abhors humanitarianism, and how he is “Nordic by race.”

There is, however, one unexplained part in this symbol, which is the horizontal line through the centre.

We aren’t yet sure of the meaning of this, whether it has been used to fill an empty space, or has a relation to the crucifix, but it doesn’t seem to indicate another rune, as Young futhark doesn’t have a rune with a horizontal line. 

What we believed was only confirmed by Blair last night.


I suppose I should point out, that it is quite well known for Neo Nazis and hate groups to use runes and runic script in their organisations.

I still maintain that this has nothing to do with Australia, or ‘reclamation of a nation’, we aren’t Swedes. 

It’s also known that the Nazi Party in Germany had an obsession with runes, with not only the Swastika, but even organisational symbols such as the SS using two sig runes. 

Then again, what can you expect from a racist little git who so desperately wants to be relevant?



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