Statements and campaign updates

Firstly, I want to thank every single person who helped make this a reality – we raised over $4,300 in less than a week. That is something to be proud of, none of the far-rights can claim such a thing!

It’s also clearly made some people angry, which again, is fantastic.

We’ve decided the best way to keep everyone informed with updates and financials is through a wordpress post dedicated to the campaign, as we can update the post as necessary. Every update will be dated. Please see below:

Saturday 27th June 2015:

Funding goal has been met! You can still continue to contribute here, as although we have met $4300, GoFundMe and Stripe take a certain percentage of the funds. Currently this is 6.75% + 30c for each donation.

We are more than happy to cover the difference due to fees, so you need not worry!

This screenshot shows our current funding dashboard:

Now, the way GoFundMe works is that any donations made are held for 7 days, then released to the fundraiser. Currently, our first deposit is processing. For every day forward after this, we will receive certain deposits. See the schedule below.

We’ve blanked out our bank account details so that bigots don’t launch an attack on our financial institution.

Here is a statement of all the donations (net) and their expected deposit date.


Although this will take 7 days to fully fund, we are happy to pay upfront, awaiting the funds to be deposited.

Due to this, we have now asked the advertiser to secure a site. We are awaiting confirmation before posting the details, but we’ve ensured this site is a premium station, so it is constantly manned. All billboards have CCTV watching them, so any vandalism will be promptly reported to the police by the advertiser and station staff.

We’ll be rolling out the poll for the message on the board, and the design shortly.

Remember, if you haven’t already let us know, and either don’t want your name published OR you would like us to change it to a pseudonym, let us know by messaging us on facebook or emailing us.


Our first part of the poll is complete.


Second poll complete


People have voted to amend some of the joke-names on the board, compromise met.


Funds have begun to roll in cleared, and a contract is being drawn with the advertiser.


Quite a bit has happened RE the campaign over the past few days. Firstly, some of the least payments have come through (we are still expecting a couple more hundred)

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.32.57 am Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.32.48 amScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.32.40 am

We also, as you may have heard, were offered a fantastic opportunity to have our billboard put up in an extremely prominent place in Melbourne, at a size of 12.66m x 3.35m, 24hr lit, well off the ground (out of bigots’ reach) at a very very generous price!
For the interim, we can’t advise the company’s name in case the bigots launch a campaign against them, but will absolutely be thanking them publicly once the billboard goes up, which by the way, is on July 13!

To keep things transparent with you guys, please see the invoice below (sensitive details redacted):


This was slightly higher than the money raised – but we are happy to front the difference for the campaign!

More to come!

Thanks everyone!



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