Australian terrorism is here. Do you know who the terrorists are? – a website we regularly speak about. 

Stormfront is a website for ‘white pride’, but we prefer to use the term white supremacy. This article should explain why.

Over months, we’ve kept our eyes on the forum, sometimes even using profiles registered to interact, in order to source information from the forums on this website. This was the very website that we found was discussing using the April 4 Reclaim Australia rally (which they totally support), which we exposed on April 3. 

The website is renowned for its praising of racially charged murders and hate crimes, particularly incidents such as the massacre in Oslo, 2012, with Anders Breivik, where members of StormFront called him a ‘hero’. The same sort of nonsense is now being said on their website regarding the Charleston massacre where a white supremacist, Dylann Roof, opened fire on a black church congregation last week, killing 9 people.


Whether he too, was an active member on the website, is yet to be discovered. I’d imagine he was. 

But StormFront has an even uglier thing that it is known for – over 100 racially motivated murderers.

An article written by the Southern Poverty Law Centre in 2014 describes the average StormFront user, which seems to ring truth.

“A typical murderer drawn to the racist forum is a frustrated, unemployed, white adult male living with his mother or an estranged spouse or girlfriend. She is the sole provider in the household. Forensic psychologists call him a “wound collector.” Instead of building his resume, seeking employment or further education, he projects his grievances on society and searches the Internet for an excuse or an explanation unrelated to his behavior or the choices he has made in life.”

This is clearly a growing issue. But why is this something that we should worry about?

Well, as we’ve mentioned before, these sorts of ideas and their adherents usually lurk in the dark, dank corners of the Internet. StormFront gave them a well lit area to congregate. 

Not only this, but as we can see, some members of this forum have left the computer, and continued on to commit atrocious hate crimes.

The reason this is now an Australian issue, is because the administration of the ‘pro-Aussie’ ‘United Patriots Front’ or UPF, are actually members. 

Neil Erikson has been a long time member of Stormfront, particularly when he was part of Nationalist Alternative. Blair Cottrell, and his younger brother, who is a member of Nationalist Alternative, are also members. Mark Hootsen, leader of Nationalist Alternative, is a member. 


Some of his ‘commentary’ can be read below.


So, in knowing this, and seeing the very real risk of home grown terrorism not only existing, but heading a ‘patriotic’ movement, many people should be asking the question – who are you following?

If you can stand against Islamic extremism, to the point where you’ll buy xenophobic tacky merchandise, and head down to a likely-violent rally, due to the ‘issue of Islamic terrorism in Australia’, then why aren’t these people hunting down their own leaders?

Evidently, Blair still holds these views.


This is why we need to take this to the streets, to warn people. You can help out here. 



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