Why the sudden influx of page removals?

Over the past fortnight, we’ve seen several anti-racism pages completely disappear from facebook.

First, slackbastard was taken down. Although, after a successful appeal, the page was reinstated. 

Then, we at ReclaimWhat began to experience random posts being removed for violating Facebook’s community standards, the problem? They didn’t.

There was a removal of a radio interview we uploaded. The reason? It contained “nudity.” How an audio file contains nudity is beyond me. 

Then, there was the removal of our video which contained an interview conducted on 4 Corners (ABC), 51 years ago. A time where even exposing cleavage would be deemed inappropriate and unsuitable for prime time television. Why was this removed? Nudity. Did it contain any nudity whatsoever? No.


Although neither of these resulted in actual page removal, we were clearly under attack again from the far-right exploiting facebook reporting algorithms. We spoke to several people we would consider to be subject matter experts, who agreed, it is a known issue and downfall of the facebook reporting system. 

Wind forward a day, and the entire ‘fake death certificate’ fiasco began. Of course, we got the blame. That’s when Fay Hill’s United Australia Front’ rallied their entire page to report our page in one go. We got removed. What for? An image of a LGBTQI community flag. 



Then, they removed images of our smashed swastika.


What makes this so much more unfair, is that only hours before, facebook approved both of these images for advertising. We approached them for this hypocrisy, they refuse to acknowledge their failure. 

Our second page was then hit, and removed for this:


We then created our third page. Although it was reported, again, this time, for posting a news article:



The very same article that TheGuardian had posted to their own, verified page, hours earlier. Is theirs still there? Yes.

We have found a way to temporarily stave off removal, unfortunately, it involves money. 

Then, last night, our comrades over at Aussies Against the Australian Defence League were removed. The entire page – deleted. 

Initially, we blamed Australian pages for the reporting. It seems we may have been wrong. See, in the last week, Ralph Cerminara over at the ‘Left Wing Bigots Exposed’ page, who inadvertently identitied himself as leader, had been publicly discussing a truce with ‘Pioneer Little Europe’.


Who are ‘Pioneer Little Europe’? A white supremacist group attempting to setup a white-only enclave in North Dakota, USA.  

Their leader was jailed for terrorising people in his quest, in particular, one failed rally through the streets with gun-touting white supremacist friends, trying to scare the idea into people. This is abhorrent.

Recently, the page, run by this man and his following, has been targeting Australian pages.


Whether this is run through a scripted attack, or mass means, it’s quite transparent.

To add to the already disgusting notions of ‘Patriotic’ American White Supremacists targeting Australian anti-racism pages, just take a look at how they responded to the Charleston hate shooting. Apparently, Black people deserved it. 


These people are sick, sick, twisted racists. That and UPF sympathise with them:




This is why it’s time for us to take this offline. Our ad campaign launch begins tonight, and we have big ideas in mind, but remember, we need the help of you.

We will release more details soon.

Keep your eyes peeled!



8 thoughts on “Why the sudden influx of page removals?

  1. wahidazal66 says:

    Facebook seems to have a pro-Rightwing bias. Hear me out. I have reported a dozen neo-Nazi pages only to be told these pages do not violate Facebook community standards. A pro-ISIS Islamist page advocating for the murder and genocide of Shi’i Muslims by these lunatic Salafi-Wahhabi monsters was reported by me as well as a couple of hundred Shi’i Muslims for months, actually for over a year, only for Facebook to turn around and say that the page (anti-Majus) did not violate Facebook community standards. I was blocked from posting for 24 hours from my own account recently for a sticker I posted on a page I manage which compared apartheid Zionism and ISIS. The list goes on and on. Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine regarding the nature of Facebook.


  2. John Dutton says:

    These are increasingly worrying times. Society is moving ever-rightwards, especially towards nationalism and intolerance for even mild left-wing views. It feels as if “Loony/Lefty” labelling is becoming common place. Also, that those with socialist opinions are being bullied, harassed and personally insulted, with impunity.


  3. mindmadeup says:

    theantibogan page had a link removed to a newspaper article detailing a police raid in Queensland which found Nazi trash and a large quantity of drugs and weapons.

    There was absolutely nothing untoward about the article hence we knew it was the scum who had mass reported it.

    Looks like the US is the new refuge of nascent Nazism and far right terrorism.
    Where is FDR and the G-men when we need them? :/


      1. mindmadeup says:

        This generation is ill-educated in what happened in the early years of last century. They look upon the Holocaust for instance as some sort of Hollywoodised isolated event, scripted by Spielberg with lots of CGI, or the war itself as a black comedy Tarantino romp.

        Watch the nutzis come out in the future with some polished Daesh-style recruitment vids uploaded on YouTube with a cast of six-packed Herrenvolk promising a white man’s Paradise and 72 blonde milkmaids per warrior. Not the drug-fucked mentally bewildered ageing losers which we know is the Fascist reality.

        And the suckers will fall for it.


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