The liar lies again, and covers it with more lies.

Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” – Dorothy Allison 

In an awkward turn of events, the author of ‘Left Wing Bigots Exposed’ (or now, Left Wing Bigots and Extremists exposed – jeez, I expect to see UPF on their blog soon) has inadvertently ‘exposed’ himself. 

I’ll be the first to admit, we initially thought it was either Shermon or Neil. The spelling was atrocious, so we tipped toward Neil. But then, someone pointed out something to us.

See, less than 48 hours ago, the author of the facebook page decided to host his wordpress through a .com domain. The author went to the trouble of even placing a proxy over the registrant information on the Who Is database, to protect from an unmasking by searching the registrant. This would’ve cost about $30 AUD. The hosting, probably around $10 AUD.

So, in the author’s attempts at hiding his identity, something we are constantly attacked for (yet seem to be bloody amazing at), forgot to cover the basics. Namely, a nondescript wordpress username…


Ralphski33, or as you may know him, Ralph Cerminara, is a disgraced ex-ADF member, who lied about his service to push his Islamophobic views onto the masses. ANZMI uncovered his stolen valour. After this, Ralph went quiet for a bit… Until he was arrested and jailed in December 2014 for affray, when he entered into Lakemba, off his face, to start an ethnocentric brawl.

The man was ordered by the court to no longer post anti-Islamic material on line, but for a charge so serious, Ralph, a self proclaimed ‘programmer’, seems to lack basic understanding of Internet safety. That, and he openly breaches the court’s order on a daily basis. See, the man cannot help but lie. 

In a typical Ralph fashion, he lied again, this morning. After being unmasked (granted, all his own doing), he decided to jump onto his facebook page, and deny it, claiming we photoshopped the screenshots. He also took the opportunity to again claim we are run by someone we have time and time again proven we are not – and for good measure, he now claims that slackbastard also runs ReclaimWhat. 


The man is an idiot. There isn’t a more succinct word to describe him. He is simply, an idiot.

See, Ralph was caught out lying about his service within the ADF.

Ralph was caught out lying, using the money raised by ADL for implementation of their website, which he ended up spending it on alcohol.

Ralph was caught out lying about his charges in Lakemba in his drunken video a few weeks ago, where not only did he hold up the charge sheet where it clearly read “affray”, whilst also inadvertently exposing his home address which was printed on the same form.

Now Ralph is trying to cover up his lies, with another lie. Ah, but Ralph, as we said to Blair, the Internet never forgets – you can’t delete that stuff.

Ralph panicked last night and ran to change his username ASAP. Sure, on his website, in real time, the username ralphski33 is no longer visible, but a handy little tech phenomenon known as a cache captured, or cached, all of this, much like a time machine.

Don’t believe me?

Just search the term “ ralphski33” on Google. We’ve provided you a link below.

Better yet, check the cache, it’s still available as of today.

What this means, is that UPF are happy to follow another convicted criminal, who lied about his valour, lied about his charges, lies about his authoring of a website, and then lies to cover it up. 

Ralph, some advice:

If you want to be like us, the first tip is to stop lying. Lying to cover up your lies also does not work.

You also need to provide factual, and reliable references to your accusations in your blog. Drunken drivel isn’t proof. 

Lay off the alcohol, seek help.

Lastly, your ‘blog’ isn’t so much as a blog as a terrible picture book, you need to actually type things for it to qualify as a blog.


Appreciate your time.



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