Blair and his apparently antisemitic hatred of the progressive. 

Just a word of warning, some of you might find this rant boring, but I for one am tired of hearing this Nazi-esque ranting that comes from Blair Cottrell. 

Perhaps I’m not alone in my feelings, but whenever I see Blair type up some untra conservative, Hitler-frothing nonsense, and see the onslaught of his following commending his word salad, not only am I reminded of his apparent Schizophasia, but I visualise a bunch of boganistic goons staring blankly at him speaking, nodding because the incomprehensible babbling sounds somewhat intelligent, and feel compelled to applaud his messy rantings because they saw the word ‘patriot’ somewhere amongst the word filth, which is an inherent cue to approve.



I digress.

So, we have over the past few weeks since the rise of the “NDPAU” (read NSDAP) and Blair’s neo-conservative, white nationalistic ranting. Shermon, not being the brightest candle on the cake, has pressed ‘share’ at most opportunities because he either believes it furthers his movement (read demise) or, much like the idiotic following, hears the word ‘patriot’ and believes it must be spread en masse.

The first time I read Blair’s commentary, I was reminded of Nazi Germany. The rants constantly speak of ‘natural equity’ and in many cases, blame the Jews for a lot of the things that dissatisfy Blair. Although he attempted to clean up his antisemitic online mess, the internet did cache a lot of it. Blair clearly doesn’t understand technology, but who can blame him, he is stuck in the German 30s.

One of the many catchcries that Blair espouses is the idea of “Cultural Marxism”. Not one of his following dare question what Cultural Marxism is, but I’ll give you a quick rundown. Cultural Marxism is a made up concept by the far right, which encompasses anything they don’t like. Cultural Marxism is apparently the blame for things such as homosexuality, feminism, equal racial rights, socialism, acceptance, tolerance, and egalitarianism. Shit, anything the far right disagree with, you’re sure to find someone blaming Cultural Marxism.

RationalWiki describes Cultural Marxism as: “The term “cultural Marxism” is most commonly encountered as a snarl word decrying everything right-wingers don’t like, alluding to a conspiracy theory to destroy Western culture. With bonus anti-Semitism.

In academic circles, the term describes the early influence of Marxist thought on cultural studies. Although Marx never wrote at any length about culture (what he deemed “the superstructure”), cultural theorists have often used ‘class’ to understand culture and perform cultural analysis.

Outside of graduate seminars in intellectual history, the term is primarily used by reactionaries to red-bait anyone with progressive tendencies.

The slogan was prefigured in Nazi Germany, where Kulturbolschewismus (“Cultural Bolshevism”) was used as a term of political abuse

Would you look at that, the term was prefigured by Nazi Germany. Who would’ve known. The problem with this catchcry is that it is so broad and so undefined (even wikipedia removed the page describing it because it was too conspiracist) that Blair can happily use it in any context to place blame, on almost anything he doesn’t agree with, and somehow, it fits. 

There is another thing that Blair discusses, Bolshevism. Bolsheviks are members of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which seized power in the October Revolution of 1917. This is a word that Blair uses to equate to communism. Blair has blamed Bolshevism for many things he disagrees with, including things he has also blamed Cultural Marxism for. He equates this with “liberalism”, aka, social progression.

But Blair takes it to a new, conspiracist and antisemitic level. See, Blair claims that Bolshevism was the product of the Jews. It was largely propagated during Nazi Germany in an attempt to politically denigrate the communists, likening them to Jews and claiming that communism/Bolshevism was the product of Jewish interests. Of course, this would be something Blair wishes to tell the masses. So, what’s the issue? 

Well, it’s false. 

Many scholars have agreed that the idea of Jewish Bolshevism which was pushed throughout Nazi Germany was one of the least factual pieces of propaganda against the Jewish people that they produced.

Researchers in the topic, such as Polish philosopher Stanisław Krajewski or André Gerrits, denounce the concept of “Jewish Bolshevism” as a prejudice. The idea that communist oppression was somehow Jewish in nature is belied by the record of communist regimes in countries like China, North Korea, and Cambodia, where the Jewish presence was and is minuscule.

This means nothing to Blair, though. How dare history destroy his attempts at blaming things on the Jews.

Blair doesn’t leave it there. See, Blair has troubles keeping his antisemitic, ‘natural equity’ and white nationalism under wraps, despite Shermon’s strong words at hiding sheer Nazism within their ‘(bowel) movement’. Blair just cannot help himself. I will admit, though, he doesn’t explicitly use thw word ‘race’ anymore, but the racial undertones of this rant are more than apparent.

The idea of natural equity (which has much been disproven and dropped by scientists today) was propagated by essentialism, something that Nazi Germany used many times over to justify their sheer racism and hatred. Blair completely discounts the idea of a taxation system and wealth redistribution in socialism, but instead immediately jumps to a far extreme, stating that the only way for absolute equality is to kill the intellectuals and powers in a state, to bring up the ‘proletariat’ (working class). This comes off the back of past commentary where he has mentioned that people only belong to the far left or far right, and that those in between (the stark majority) are worthy of death. I must be wrong, I thought that Shermon was against extremism.

One only needs to take a look at his, or Thomas Sewell’s facebook to see the drivel they discuss, the idea that the ‘physically strong’ and ‘superior’ should be in control. Much like how Blair said that women are attracted to strong men who beat their partners to control them. All of these things are ideas that were pushed through Nazi Germany, “how to be a mother in the Fatherland”.


By claiming that the idea of equality is needed by force is down to the interpretation of ‘force’. Is taxation force, is legislation force, are equal rights force? According to Blair, force is genocide and murder. I can distinctly remember a regime which forced it’s ideas through death and propaganda. 

The last thing that I would like to point out is Blair’s constant attacks on Liberalism, aka, progression. Blair blames homosexuality, racial equality, gender equality, etc. on what he equates to the liberalism propagated by ‘Cultural Marxists’. Well, Blair, I have news for you.

Look back 100 years. Blacks could not marry Whites. In many countries, women did not have the right to vote. Homosexuality was illegal and in some places, punishable by death. Wind forward to today and even some of the most right insitutions couldn’t fathom a world with this inequality, but if you look at the time when these existed, it was the ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ who pushed for change, in the face of the right. Things always progress, you cannot stop it. Sure, you can stall it whilst possible (for example, same sex marriage), but it will always win. It will become the norm, and eventually, unfathomable to reverse. Blair does not like this. Blair wants to bring back ‘essentialism’ where women are not equal due to physical differences, races are not equal due to essentialist theories. This is Blair’s idea of the world. But Blair is wrong. 

The fact that many on his side cannot see his Nazi pandering is somewhat beyond me. It’s right there, sometimes, you just have to look a little deeper. One thing is for sure though, whilst progressive and sane people in the world exist and speak out against these neo-Nazis, their movement will only ever stay in the dark, dank confines of the far-right, ridiculued by the stark majority. 

No matter how much he tries to cover this in the guise of ‘patriotism’, it will die. White nationalism has had it’s day, and the world has had it’s say. It’s time you kindly left the political arena, because your archaic and inherently unjust views are not welcome.




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