They came, they failed, they retreated. 

You will always lose in Melbourne!


This was one of the many chants from the counter protestors in Melbourne today, Sunday May 31, 2015.

Shermon Burgess, Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell planned to rally against “leftism and Islamism” in Richmond today. It was an utter failure for them. Nothing short of a total embarrassment.

At around 11AM AEST, anti-racism protestors began congregating near Richmond Town Hall amongst noticeable Police presence. This was well before any ‘Patriots’ had arrived.


Shermon’s facebook event touted about 140 or so confirmed attendees. By 1PM AEST, anti-racism protestors were easily in the 400+ mark. 




Some of our members were in attendance and sent us photos from the day.

At approximately 1.30PM AEST, the UPF attendees (total number: approximately 30) clad with their Australian flags and Green and Gold flags, deliberately charged at the anti-racism protestors (a video is available on the ReclaimWhat page), breaking police lines. Someone can be heard yelling “hit him!” – we are unaware who, or what side they were on.

There is also two other accounts of these events, which is that police funnelled the UPF toward the steps of Town Hall before the counter protestors formed a blockade to stop it, and the third being that the ‘left’ broke through police lines to stop the UPF from reaching the steps. This was moments before UPF members launched attacks on counter protestors.

As we have three accounts of what happened but are unable to verify either, we’ve decided to report all.

The 30 or so were quickly surrounded by police to diffuse violence. 


Shermon could be seen hiding with Neil and Blair in the crowd. Can you spot him below?



After only 15 minutes (and a glass bottle thrown by them), they were pushed out by significant numbers of anti-racism protestors closing in. The police had to open a side gate to Richmond Town Hall to allow them to safely retreat through an alley way.



Amongst those 30, one man covered in swastikas and a Celtic cross was seen within the UPF group.

Here are some other photos from the day:











The last few photos above were captured by Wardenclyffe photography who you can find on facebook, who we have to commend for capturing the essence so awesomely, even though he did get shoved around by the UPF for doing so.  

All in all – a great success for those against fascism and racism!

Now we await the smearing and whinging from Shermon and co about why they lost so badly.

A proud day for Melburnians and the left as a whole!

In solidarity, 



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