Islamophobia, or Domestic Violence + Racism? You choose.

Well, as everyone is now aware, Shermon had a public, ugly, whingy split from Reclaim Australia yesterday. As we reported, he claimed that it was his decision, but after much discussion, both direct and indirect, with many of the admins of RA, we can confirm that the decision was not his, he was booted out.

So, Shermon took it upon himself to create the “United Patriots’ Front”. We add the apostrophe, because it’s needed. He didn’t use one. 


Hideous, Ey? 

Anyway, Reclaim Australia are trying to clean up their image. Shermon got a little out of control with the racism, left hating and blaming the entirety of Islam and this made some of the admins on RA unhappy. Regardless, their following and message is still, and still propagates, Islamophobia. 

We at ReclaimWhat will always oppose this. This just completely goes against social norms, it is discriminatory and bigoted, and we won’t stand for it, but as you may have noticed, we’ve shifted focus temporarily to Shermon’s new group.

The group comprises of:

  • Shermon Burgess
  • Neil Erikson
  • Daniel Nalliah (possibly unaware of his membership)
  • Scott Moerland
  • Michael Voysey (tensions simmering)
  • The F’n Aussie (unaware of his membership)
  • Dave Sewell
  • Blair Cottrell

But we want to focus on one individual. We’ve previously extensively covered many of the names above. One particular person stands out. Blair Cottrell

Why does this name stand out? Because he is perhaps the absolutely worst person for UPF’s PR, and one of the most divisive characters they’ve employed. Neil Erikson is a mown Neo Nazi, anybody with half a brain can dig around and find his racist antics around the Internet, but Blair Cottrell is littered around the Internet with some of the most vile, abhorrent, extreme views on so many issues that we have seen in a long time – and they’re all just sitting there, in public domain.

We give to you: The Thoughts of a Mad Man. Captioned.


In this screenshot, Blair discusses how Mein Kampf is a good read. He bases his political views and the importance of ‘race’ on his readings.




In these screenshots, Blair discusses how he caught his ex (and you’ll understand why, soon) having sex with another man. This made Blair mad, how dare an inferior gender not offer herself to him. So he set fire to the guys house. He then spent 19 months in prison for arson, where he realised he dislikes women in authority.


In this screenshot, Blair likes a post that absolutely misses the mark about the plight of the LGBTQI community, and warped statistics on their mental and physical health issues.


This screenshot is hard to read. Blair discusses how Jews are attempting to take over the world, and how they are the cause of feminism, gays, centralised banks, economic disasters, and other antisemitic bullshit.


In this screenshot, Blair details his hatred of Jews. He discusses how they play victim, and that the world should not protect them from persecution. Apparently, they are attempting to take over.


In this screenshot, Blair defends Hitler from criticism, claiming those who criticise the man are ‘scumbags’ and are just in it for the money.


In this screenshot, Blair discusses how a picture of Hitler should be in every school, and that Mein Kampf should be issues to pupils annually.


In this screenshot, Blair discusses how women like violent men. He advocates to ‘crack them around the ear’ when they misbehave (by his standard). He claims he learned this the hard way, likely a woman told him “no”. He also mentions that ‘careerist women’ are delusional and hard to handle. By handle, he means control.

In this screenshot, Blair admits how he uses violence and terror against women to get what he wants. He complains about ‘demoralisation’ and likely having sex withheld from his absolutely charming body.


In this screenshot, Blair posts a link to The GAP’s wall about the ‘disease called xenophilia’. Xenophilia is a catchphrase coined by racists to encompass those of opposite races breeding. The image in the video is of a black man and white woman courting.


In this screenshot, Blair discusses how racial diversity is a ‘cosmopolitan disaster’. He also mentions how in this world, there is only “Marxism and Nationalism”, anything between is ‘neutralism’ (moderatism) and is “worthy of death”. That’s right moderates, die. 


In this one… Just antisemitic nonsense. 

What did Shermon do?

Apart from deflect these for hours, he attempted to call these ‘personal views’.


He cannot even refute the legitimacy because he knows we have proof of it. According to Shermon, the personal views of a person don’t matter. Really? 

If that’s the case, why didn’t Shermon grant this concession to EVERY SINGLE PERSON he has attacked for their personal views his ENTIRE LIFE including whilst acting as “The Great Aussie Patriot”?

The other issue is, that it is extremely important. Blair’s views aren’t personal views about his favourite food, or favourite shade of blue, but these views are about politics. 

And what is the group that Shermon and he have just started? A group about politics. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a group about “Islam” anymore, the May 31 rally and almost everything they’re posting is political, absolutely violently slamming the “leftists”. Apparently this includes those in government. If that makes the LNP “leftists”, then they’re likely launching attack on 99% of voters. For many, LNP is as right as they’ll go.

So the idea of these being his “personal views” is absolutely important to the movement. 

Of course, people still asked questions. We at ReclaimWhat have had many approach us who were followers of the GAP who went onto his new ‘UFP’ page, and have come to us telling us that they left due to Cottrell’s views. One of them detailed her experience in trying to discuss this with Shermon.


 Shermon advises her to ‘stop reading the pages’ who report it. An absolute dodge at the question. Nobody in the left is “trying to destroy” her, she simply asked him a question. 


She was unhappy with the response, so she tried again. She got a one sentence reply, referring her to Blair himself.


She was still unhappy, so she asked him for his explanation and to distance himself from the views. Shermon refused and referred her to us. Damn right we know what’s going on.


 She then tells Shermon that his behaviour destroyed Reclaim Australia (correct). Shermon replied by telling her that what Nalliah and Cottrell do is of “zero importance”. She was unhappy with this and made it public. She earned herself a ban from his page. Another one bites the dust. 

Are the screenshots legitimate?

UPDATE: Blair has deactivated his Facebook in a final ditch attempt to remove what he has written over the years. It won’t work, we’ve already captured it and Google has cached it. Sorry Blair.

Of course they are. Here’s proof. Now, we’ve been accused of ‘doctoring’ the screenshots. If they were doctored, why has Google cached the replies in text format?



Because they’re real. The dates go back to 2013. To accuse us of setting this up all the way back from 2013 is a very far fetch, nobody is buying it Shermon.

The problem is, that Shermon can no longer claim he isn’t associating with Neo Nazism. He directly provides a Neo Nazi a platform. This man is also a man who is ok with violence towards women to achieve objectives.

If Shermon was truly against ‘Sharia Law’ for gender equality, then why is he providing and unashamedly gender inequalist, who abhors women in power, the platform to discuss his POLITICAL VIEWS.

The entire movement is based on violence, racism, sexism, and Neo Nazism.  

So, what is Shermon going to do? Continue to sweep this under the rug? 

NDPAU are doing a terrible job at it. According to them, “leftism” is propagating the “LGBT community” and feminism, and Blair doesn’t want to open dialogue to discuss issues.


Well, we have news for Shermon. 

We cannot stand violence towards women, parotcularly vulnerable ones. This is the worst issue Australia faces. And we will not allow you to give this a legitimised voice.

So, for those who are tossing up between staying with Reclaim Australia and ‘United Patriots (sic) Front’, you have a choice.

Do you want to provide legitimacy to Islamophobia, or Domestic Violence, Sexism, Racism and Homophobia? 





5 thoughts on “Islamophobia, or Domestic Violence + Racism? You choose.

  1. Therese Logan says:

    Thanks for the information, and the work you do in exposing the hatred of these people. Keep up the good work, and know that REAL Australians support you.


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