Corporate greed, deliberate sabotage, or idiotic dictatorship?

By now, ‘patriots’ and the sane world are aware that there has been a schism in the Reclaim Australia name. Both Hervey Bay and Canberra have been dropped by ‘head office’ aka The Great Aussie Patriot aka Shermon Burgess.

Around midday today, Shermon opened the floodgates of division with this post.


This was his first mistake. You shouldn’t highlight and sensationalise power struggles, particularly ones that were internal – until you made them public.

It opened up for the typical fashioned ‘name and shame’ catchcry, and complaints of mishandling, and of course, blaming ‘lefties’ and ‘moslems.’


Who did Shermon depose? Mandy Chapman, Hervey Bay racist.


This caused the Herve Bay page to go into protection mode.



Of course, the ‘patriots’ headed over to fight the other ‘patriots’ and Mandy was left to fend for her page. This included Shermon personally.


There was some defence, though.


Bunbury was also in defence mode, too.


From what we understand, it wasn’t particularly jealously. See, Mandy took issue with advertising these shirts, the very shirts we pointed out were being created in Bangaldesh under slave labour conditions.



It seems that Shermon told her to press on and sell them, in direct hypocrisy to this message.



This caused Kiel Evans, who is related to Daniel Evans (also an organiser, unable to confirm if he still is) to attack Shermon and Liz Shephard, who are both named on the registered business name, for their ‘dictatorship’.



There seems to be an agreeance that the cat stunt (and likely the chair lie, too) didn’t help their image. It seems they spoke out about the childish propagandist crap, and Shermon put his foot down.

So, what’s Shermon’s solution? Create new pages for both Hervey Bay and Canberra.


This is just going to do him more damage than good. Two concurrent yet largely different rallies on the same day, in the same town. Approvals is one issue, but dividing the people is another. For the interim, it seems Hervey Bay is attempting to regroup under a different name, much to the dismay of Shepherd and Burgess.

Whether or not there was any truth to the politicising accusation, or Mike Holt (who dislikes Shermon, who he describes as a grub) actually has anything to do with it, is unconfirmed. 

It’s funny how so early on, their second round of rallies are already falling to shit.

ReclaimWhat has received unconfirmed word that the Melbourne Rally was refused approval. Time will also tell.




4 thoughts on “Corporate greed, deliberate sabotage, or idiotic dictatorship?

  1. Pistachio C says:

    I suspect there is a big push on at the moment to oust Burgess and the nazis in the NRG.
    By the old guard of the ADL. The next few days will interesting viewing


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