Is ReclaimWhat anti-White?

Well this ones been bubbling for a while.

Ever since our fruition, we’ve had a barrage of commentary by the bigot brigade against us, using any type of insult they can to destroy our image. It only really works amongst their own, who would believe anything they say and eat it up. They could tell them pigs fly, and they’d believe it.

First we were told we were bigots. Proved that wrong.

Then we were told we were terrorist sympathisers. Proved that wrong

Then we were told we were Islamic and just practicing ‘taqiyya’. Proved that wrong

Then we were told we were anti Jewish. Proved that wrong.

“oh, oh! I know! You’re anti white!” 

No, no – we’re actually not.


But I can see where that comes from. Almost everything we post in refutation is propaganda that is shat out of some white ‘pride’ website. Be it Whitelaw towers, Squadron 88, Combat 18, ADL, PDLA, et al.

Now, let’s make this quite clear, we have no issue with racial pride, but it seems that unfortunately white pride groups can’t just seem to keep that pride to themselves. This is the inherent issue with white-pride groups, it always turns into some stupid game of racial superiority. When you overstep that line, we take issue, regardless of your race. No race is more superior or inferior than the next. We don’t live in a world where essentialism is accepted by the scientific community anymore, you’re stuck almost 50 years in the past.

But what do we mean white pride groups can’t seem to keep their pride to themselves, how exactly are they different from, say, an Aboriginal pride group, or let’s take it away from race for a moment, a gay pride group?

Well, let’s see. 

When was the last time an Aboriginal pride group told everyone else they were racially superior, that their great genocidal role model was ‘right’ (Hitler), that other races were inferior, that their rule ‘saved the western world’, that they must use any genocidal means necessary to protect their racial bloodline, and called other races derogatory terms such as chinks, gooks, bolts, sand niggers, rock apes, niggers, coons, curries, etc. When was the last time they were afraid of becoming a minority? Oh hang on, they already are.

What about gays? When did they last parade around telling people they were superior over their straight counterparts, or call for the genocide of all straight people, or praise their leader who killed all non gays? Well hang on, they never had one.

Think about it. Why would straight people need a straight pride march? When were they denied rights for being straight? When were they subject to torment and discrimination for being straight? When was there systematic abuse for being straight?

Now change that word to white. See the issue?

The other problem is the need to congregate and rally for racial pride. See, with other races, particularly such as Aboriginals in Australia, or Blacks in the USA, they’ve rallied due to oppression, or something that has been done to them due to their race. There seems to be yet something that white people as an entirety haven’t had to deal with. I’m talking about systematic racism throughout the western world. This has been the struggle of other races.

Let’s also see why white pride is an issue in terms of its sponsorship. I cannot find a single group of white-pride that doesn’t have a litany of supremacist bullshit written all over it. You need not look far to see that all the white pride groups in Australia are sponsored or set up by inherently racist groups. WhiteLaw towers, SC Hammerskins, Squadron 88. Not one of these groups is content with simply stating “I am proud of my racial heritage” without following it up with discussion of eradication of ‘other races’, the superiority of their own race, how much whites have accomplished against other races, or being downright racist.

For example, you head over to a ‘white pride’ discussion forum such as StormFront.


Use a keyword search. Type in the word ‘nigger’. Oh look, 1250 results.



How about gook? Another 1250 results. It actually seems 1250 is the limit for queries. That’s right, their forums are so littered with racist bullshit that their search handler cannot cope.



Ok, I’ll be fair. Let’s try another white pride website. DailyStormer.



Nope, still racialising and demonising other races.

How about SC Hammerskins forums?



Nope, still being racist.

What about groups of the past… KKK maybe?



Eh. No.

Well, I just cannot seem to find a single white pride organisation that doesn’t racialise, idolise hitler, or call other races derogatory terms.

So what about Reclaim Australia claiming they aren’t racist? Apart from the issue of commentary all over the shop and attracting people like this:   

Yeah not looking too flash.

So what about their demands?



I’m sorry, what intimidation of being White and Christian? 

The issue with Reclaim Australia is it seems to attack anything that’s ‘foreign’ to whiteness.

Christianity – in Australia, a predominantly white religion, brought here by white settlement. For!

Halal certification – not brought here or created by ‘white people’. Against!

Muslims – not a white issue. Against!

Other languages being taught in schools or used in public events – not English, a white language. Against.

Pro bikini 😜 – white invention. For!

Anti-flag burning – Aboriginals burnt the flag. The symbolism of white settlement via the Union Jack. Against!

Foreign products and investment – well if they aren’t British, it’s not white. Against!

Everything they demand is seemingly white orientated. Their rallies attract white supremacists, their sentiments are very much pro-white. Their forums and discussions attract people who claim that anything against them is anti white.

We aren’t anti-white, but we see no need for white pride, particularly when it turns into supremacy. Which it always does.


So you can take your swastika loving, 88 licking, Hitler heiling, 14 word bullshit and shove it elsewhere. We will never support it. Ever. 



2 thoughts on “Is ReclaimWhat anti-White?

  1. arthurmedes says:

    A muslim
    – so never considers another’s point of view.
    Adds anything and everything from anywhere regardless of whether it “proves his/her point!
    Migrates from his homeland claiming to be a “refugee”.
    Reason – your homelandt had deteriorated.
    Why ? ? ?
    Wasn’t it their own kind who were continually fighting ? ? ?
    Do they resettle to make a new life in their new homeland?
    However Reclaim What would not understand the question:
    So the answer is RW
    a resounding NO ! ! !

    Question again: Do you settle in to a NEW LIFE???
    Answer again: Fucking hell no!!!

    They want life to be better – – –
    yet remain the way
    jast as it was before
    in their homeland –
    fucked up ! ! !
    Why not do what all sane-thinking people do RW
    and set about making your own country better ? ? ?
    No, far easier – and sometimes even paid for by the hosts
    to fuck up their land as well.
    Australia used to be known world-wide as
    “The Lucky Country”
    until recent (20+) years
    Wonderful climate from cool to tropical
    Carefree people who accept practically anything
    provided they “fit in” and become Australians.
    Not islamic-Australians
    or Australian muslims
    but Australian,
    who follow islam and mohammad.
    Australians do not go around shouting
    “We are Christian”
    or “We are Jews”
    or “We are Hindus”
    or “We are Greeks”
    or “We are Buddhists”
    or “We are Italians”
    or “We are Confucians”
    or “We are Atheists”.
    We are whatever we are and simply enjoy ort life in Australia
    however, whatever, wherever we like.
    NOT SO muslims –
    They despise their women
    They force them to wear black, full length gowns regardless.
    They want to eat halal-tortured animals.
    They want an eye for an eye, etc
    They DO NO WANT us to drink alcohol – yet on he sly
    go to other countries to throw down a couple or more.

    Well, cobber, good for you – – –
    There are many planes going back to your homeland every day or every week. Why not hop on board one with a one-way ticket.
    Everything is so wonderful there you get EVERYTHING you want
    Why not go back and make your life happier ? ? ?
    WHY ? ? ?
    Because that would make those fucking Australians happy
    and that is the last thing you really want
    plus the fact you would lose the unemployment benefits
    and the baby bonuses
    and the time to spend on Social media venting your spleen.

    Your founder of islam was mohammed,
    He married a nine-year-old girl by the name of Aisha


    Isn’t a person who sexually uses a child – – –
    a person below 16-years of age

    A P A E D O P H I L E ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


    1. says:

      I’m going to approve that comment so people see your stupidity, and again, because you’ve claimed I am a muslim, which I am not.
      Aisha was below 16, yes.
      So was MARY, that’s right, the MOTHER OF JESUS. Look it up, bonehead.
      She was 12 when she was betrothed to Joseph! Who was 90! Catholics worship her.

      Know what that’s also called? A paedophile!
      The common theme? It was over 1000 years ago and it was normal. Marriages were commonplace before someone was 10, sometimes even to infants, look it up and stop being a fuck stick.

      Liked by 1 person

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