ReclaimWhat? Indeed!

So, it seems Reclaim Australia are trying to clean up their Islamophobic and racist image by releasing a series of 24 images explaining what it is they’re trying to reclaim. This is a new version of their ‘demands’ as the previous clusterfuck was ridiculous, null and in some instances downright stupid. 

Who could forget their demand to make FGM an offence that called for a 10 year imprisonment, an effective 5 year reduction on the current criminal penalty. 

As their next set of rallies are coming up, they’re now trying to broaden their image in easier to swallow demands, yet, they’re still quite stupid. We’re also not ever going to forget their friends pushing the rally and their dirty ties

But let’s take a look at these 24 demands and how valid they truly are.  

Reclaim Australia claim that Victoria Police botched their previous rally, and blockaded them, somehow limiting their freedom to assembly. 

They were anything but peaceful, but regardless, they had their chance to rally. They were pushed out by counter protestors who outnumbered them 10 to 1. Melbourne doesn’t like Neo Nazi bullshit, and they learned the hard way. This has nothing to do with their right to ‘assembly’. Null point.  

This probably has something to do with Asylum Seekers. Regardless, they haven’t provided much information on this point. But, considering refuge is a human right, according to the convention we co-wrote and signed, it’s hardly admirable to consider we rank 68th in terms of how many refugees we take compared to other nations. It’s also very stuck up of Australia to think that somehow, taking refugees would mean we put other countries’ interests first. Null point.

Cultural considerations? I’m not too sure what this means, possibly could it mean how Reclaim Australia want to shove Easter and Christmas down public school goers throats? This point is in direct contradiction to their request for a secular state. There is equality at law, however, in a court, a judge may grant concessions based on cultural reasons for particular issues. This isn’t a get out of jail free card, ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the law. Null point.


“One person, one vote, majority rule?” 

Not too sure what this means, perhaps it’s an attack on the preference system, however, Reclaim Australia are wholly against both ALP and LNP, so if it was a majority rule they were after based on first preferences, they would still likely end up with one of the major 2 preferred parties. In terms of democracy over political correctness, I’m not sure how this makes sense. Perhaps it’s another one of their cliche catchcries whenever they’re scolded for saying something they call ‘politically incorrect’, like calling an Asian a Gook, a Black person a Nigger, or a Muslims a Sand Goat Fucker. That pesky political correctness! Null point.  

This point is a contentious one. For example, for an off duty police officer to wear his or her uniform is risky for many reasons. One of those reasons is because bogans typically abuse ‘pigs’ for upholding the law, and many have abused police in the past. Including spitting on them, and physically attacking them. But what about the ADF? 

Well, this is on and off again, as it tends to be with defence personnel. It may be good to remind Reclaimers that ADF have just been warned not to wear their uniform when off duty, not explicitly told they cannot. It may also be timely to remind the false allegations a member made last year in September regarding two Muslim men who attacked him. 

Let’s assume it does raise their personal risk to safety, if this is the case, WHY would Reclaim Australia demand they can wear their uniform off duty without warning, whilst the catalyst to the safety issue is still existent? That’s just negligent. Null point.

This just seems to be Point 1 recycled. Null point.

Ah, the big scary hala tax all over again. We are again seeing the word ‘tax’ appear. Not only is nobody holding a gun to their head regarding ‘religious taxes’ or religious certifications, but we’ve explained before that the idea it funds terrorism is ridiculous. It should be noted though that this point doesn’t explicitly state halal, even though that’s a common theme amongst the Reclaim Pages. This likely would also encompass Kosher certifications too. Regarding the money going to other nations, we are yet to see proof of this. The halal certifiers within Australia operate within Australia and find jobs within Australia, the same goes for Kosher. If our food is to be free of ‘certifications’ then by Reclaim’s demand, we can also say goodbye to the heart foundation tick, vegan certification, et al. Null point.


Gender equality is a very big issue in Australia.  It’s a progressive movement toward full equality and is arguable a ‘leftist’ ideology. Considering Reclaim Australia hate ‘lefties’ we aren’t sure why this is on their cards. We can also assure Reclaim Australia that gender inequality stems from long standing Judeo-Christian laws, not Islamic laws, here in Australia and a lot of Western nations. This is also a tad previous, considering of their biggest national organisers, Shermon Burgess, aka The Great Aussie Patriot, not only abandoned his ex-fiance with their child, claiming it wasn’t his, but is also a misogynist himself. This includes him sharing posts from the NDPAU, who have openly stated they reject total equality, and believe in Natural law, aka, women are not equal to men. The hypocrisy and badly placed ideas of where this inequality comes from makes this a Null Point.     

This already exists. Although Australia could speed up the gay marriage issue, people already have the right to choose their own faith, mis with others and choose their own partners. This point is also quite silly considering we constantly see Reclaim Australia calling for the banning of Islam. That’s not a freedom to choose one’s faith at all. Null point. 

 I’m not sure where there has been an intolerance of Christianity considering it is still Australia’s largest religious denomination. Tolerance of religion would be nice, but a hindrance to that at the moment is Reclaim Australia and their friends. This point really is not in line with anything they’ve done to date at all, nor continue to do. Null point.  

Well, considering Australia is supposed to be a secular state, this point is already null. All religions should adhere to the laws of the land, and as far as we are aware – do. However, one thing we would like to see is the Church and other religious organisations lose their tax exemptions. Although, Reclaim hasn’t made this point. Null point.  

Australia never had had the right to unchecked freedom of speech. How can you reclaim something that never existed?

Reclaim Australia seems to forget that 18C is followed by 18D, which states exemptions:

Section 18C does not render unlawful anything said or done reasonably and in good faith: 

                     (a)  in the performance, exhibition or distribution of an artistic work; or 

                     (b)  in the course of any statement, publication, discussion or debate made or held for any genuine academic, artistic or scientific purpose or any other genuine purpose in the public interest; or 

                     (c)  in making or publishing: 

                              (i)  a fair and accurate report of any event or matter of public interest; or 

                             (ii)  a fair comment on any event or matter of public interest if the comment is an expression of a genuine belief held by the person making the comment.”

This would mean that reporting accurately and truthfully on something in the public interest would not trigger an offence under 18C. If Reclaim Australia sticks to the truth, and is accurate, they won’t commit and offence. 

Sensationalist and inaccurate statements likely to offend based on race, however, will. Why anyone would want to repeal that is beyond me. Null point.  

Freedom of intimidation for being white? Wow. Freedom of intimidation for being Christian? Wow. What about freedom of intimidation for being Black, or Asian? What about freedom from intimidation from being Jewish or Atheist. This seems like more White Supremacism having a cry about being ‘bred out’ and the infamous ’14 words’ if anything. Null point.  

Well, I for one would like to see an example of where English wasn’t the primary language in a school in Australia, or a public event that was being communicated to an English speaking congregation. Considering English is not only the state official language in Australia, it is also a required part of Australian curriculum, which all Australian schools must teach. In saying that, learning another language is never a bad thing. Perhaps a public event they may be speaking of is religious public events, such as at Church, where they may speak Latin, the Synagogue, where they may speak Hebrew, or Mosque, where it may be Arabic. Why should English be forced at these places? People have capability to be multilingual, so how would this be harmful? Null point.

The foreign minister has the right to revoke passports, but revocation of citizenship renders a perspm stateless. Leaving a person stateless is of absolute detriment to them and the country who takes their case for asylum. It’s also wholly irresponsible for a country, particularly a Western country, to do this, which will never happen. The word ‘traitor’ is also very subjective. Null point.   

Hang on, I thought that Reclaim Australia wanted a secular state? Christmas and Easter are Christian holidays. They are, regardless, nation wide public holidays. Nobody is trying to remove that right, but you can’t call for stats secularism and then complain when Christian holidays are removed from state observance.  ANZAC day is so not disappearing anytime soon. This can’t be ‘reclaimed’ as it was never lost. This point is hypocritical. Null point.  

The constitution in Australia isn’t like the US constitution, it’s not a people’s constitution. Regardless, it’s not going anywhere. However, banning or limiting the freedom of religion is unconstitutional, and freedom of speech is also not a constitutional protection. This seems to be a little bit of a US-fanboy remark more than anything. Null point.  

This is likely another recycled point attacking asylum seeking and the UN telling us we’re breaking the laws we wrote. Null point.  

This is the secular state point, recycled again. Null point.  

Oh this is precious, considering Burgess feels so ‘strongly’ about the Indigenous community. This is also hypocritical, considering Reclaim Australia had a heart attack when an Aboriginal from WAR burnt an Australian flag in a sign of protest at the last rally. How can Reclaim Australia call for recognition and respect of our Indigenous community when they slam them for burning the Union Jack? That’s hypocritical to say at the least. Null point. 

Australia imports and exports, including commodities such as oil, food, goods, etc. This is what keeps our economy moving. If Reclaim Australia want to find self-sufficiency in a single country producing and selling its own goods, without international exports, then they’ll single handedly destroy the entire Australian economy. This seems to be a really uneducated, emotive point. I don’t know where to begin on how stupid this is. It’s also very nationalist. Null point.  Reclaim may be unaware of the FIRB.

The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment. It has helped build Australia’s economy and will continue to enhance the wellbeing of Australians by supporting economic growth and prosperity.

Companies operating in Australia and Australian companies operating overseas are expected to act in accordance with the principles set out in the OECD Guidelines.

The Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) examines proposals by foreign persons to invest in Australia and makes recommendations to the Treasurer on those subject to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 and Australia’s foreign investment policy.”

Considering we already have a body in place, and legislation, which oversees the countries best economic interest, this is another Null Point.


This is a political point. Considering a large majority of regional and rural voters tend to vote The Nationals, there is already a voice which should be speaking for these regions. If there is an issue with what they are representing, it’s best undertaken with the local member, not by having a pathetic rally with slogans on placards in the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT! Wow. Null point.  

Respect for our history is something Reclaim Australia seems to slap a time limit on. Sure, commemoration (and by commemoration we do NOT mean commercialisation) of ANZAC day is important, particularly for the lessons it has taught us and other nations, but we need to look further back than this. Australian history in schools does touch on the issues of Indigenous Australians, but misses a majority of it. This includes our racist history, from the mass genocides by White settlers, to Aboriginals being collected under the ‘Flora and Fauncs Act’. We agree, we need to have more respect for the teaching of our Black History. We should also have a discussion around the racism that migrants were subjected to through the 20th century by Australia, including the White Australia policy. However, we feel this is not what Reclaim Australia is talking about. In terms of ideologies, this needs further explanation, what ideologies? Our Judeo-Christian systems? This is something the original inhabitants of this land do no identify with, and by forcing that into schools (particularly remote communities) without giving justice to our older history, we would be withholding vital education to students. For those reasons,  this is another disrespectful and Null Point.

Whilst it’s cute that Reclaim Australia have used our name to explain themselves, our name still stands, as we’ve pointed out their points are Null and Void. It’s quite easy to argue that they’ve left this a little to late to jump on the lefty bandwagon and clean up their image. They’ve also invited too many voices into their team who whole heartedly disagree with at least half the points they’ve made. These 24 points are also teeming with hypocrisy and smell of White-Christian supremacy.

So, really, ReclaimWhat


2 thoughts on “ReclaimWhat? Indeed!

  1. Sarah says:

    The ONLY good part about these idiotic claims is that they are truly showing Australia (and the rest of the world) how utterly stupid they are! However, it is still terrifying that there are people living in our society that have such backward, bigoted and discriminatory views. Very sad.


  2. politicalnewspaper says:

    Do you realise that aborigines started the war against the new settlers?
    Obviously NOT with what I read.

    They lived in peace for several month’s. Then early one morning aborigines surrounded the settlers & war began. Silly boy


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