The rise and demise of a failed far-right pseudo-party.

The Nazi backwater of the Reclaim Australia rallies, almost a month ago, is still delivering a fair amount of bullshit. 

A couple of days ago, a interestingly named ‘party’ popped up on facebook, being spammed to The Great Aussie Patriot’s page.

The reason we use party in quotation marks is because, much like Folke’s ‘Party for Freedom’, these guys aren’t yet a party. They do not meet AEC guidelines. 


The AEC stipulates that the criteria for party registration (aside from fees) is 500 enrolled members, who must not be members of another political party. The AEC will independently test the truth of this membership roll, and have very strict criteria and a low tolerance to false memberships. The AEC also ensures names do not come too close to the names of already existing parties, so not to confuse voters who may inadvertently vote for a party they really do not align with.

So – this party that has popped up is called the  National Democratic Party of Australia. Sounds nice?

It’s run by a man named Blair Cottrell, who is a friend of Neil Erikson. Blair has a colourful online history, including this screenshot where he claims there are only two possible political affiliations, Marxists and Nationalists. Anything in between is ‘worthy of death’ – look out, moderates!


Blair has also been caught calling ‘xenophilia’ a disease. Basically, anyone who breeds with another race.


It gets worse. Blair has a family of racists, in the below screenshot, we can see a photo of Adolf Hitler inspecting a line of defence personnel. This was shared by his brother, Chris Cottrell.


 Of the 4 people who liked it, were Blair and his much younger (teenage) brother, Matt.

But let’s focus on Chris for a moment, who is he? Chris has largely stayed off our radar, until we just made a connection.


This photo was on Chris’ page. It shows him and Blair at the April 4 rallt in Fed Square. Notice the shirt on Chris? That’s right – Nationalist Alternative, the same party that Hootsen belongs to, and that Neil was part of prior to their mutiny and split.  

This is obviously going to pose an issue. The far right cannot seem to hold a common goal, let alone work together. They constantly split and splinter off, which is what we are seeing right now. Having family members as members of different far right parties can only end badly for them. 

The party also has som very unsavoury measures it wishes to implement to exercise its ‘free speech’.


It does however, get funnier. Blair Cottrell shared a photo via his party page recently showing a couple hundred, if not thousands of flyers for his new facebook page.


There is a picture on these flyers. This picture was designed by Castledine & Castledine for the exclusive use of the RSL. Blair didn’t gain permission to use the vector.

We asked our followers to notify them – and they are not happy. 


As at 7PM AEST, they have removed the vector and any images relating to it from their page.

So! We expect the next few days to be rather funny.



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