The growing sound of Reclaim Australia dissidence.

This weekend has certainly been interesting for ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ and his fans.

It began on Saturday, when Shermon finally realised that the Unions of Australia pose a particular threat to his movement. That threat being unity.

What better way to solve this than to get the unions to jump on board?

The issue with this, is that Unions are going to always be left. The union movement throughout Australia has always been left, workers rights are a left movement.
How did Shermon expect this to turn out, considering he attacks the very things the left stick up for?

Regardless, it did not take long for people to bring out their anti-Union stances.

We can’t imagine that to be the best way to recruit unions.
It only got worse.

and worse.

Eventually, Shermon realised the best thing to do was to pull the plug, and ban the ‘free speech’ of those speaking out against him. That’s alright though, we caught the comments before they were deleted by him.

A good night’s rest should’ve made all of this go away – but it didn’t.

You see, we have long gone on about the ties of NRG (Nationalist Republican Guard) and the man behind it, Neil Erikson, yeah, the West Heidelberg man who was charged and convicted of harassment of a Rabbi in 2014. Neil ridiculed the man for being Jewish, and told police he “preferred the company of my Aryan mates.”  Wow.

People began asking questions about this, and Shermon went into cover-up overdrive.

Cassie was asking a harmless question – ‘what’s the ties here’?Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.28.33 pm

Shermon quickly realised it was getting out of control, and banned them. You shall not ask questions about racially-motivated crimes of those who assist The GAP! 

So, left with growing dissidence in his ranks, how could Shermon cover up the blatant antisemitic links on his page, how could he and Neil Erikson defend the antisemitic conviction that Neil so unashamedly carries around?

Perhaps by doing this:

That’s right. Neil, the convicted antisemite and Jew hater changed his cover photo to an Israeli flag, and changed dis play picture to a photo of him and what looks like a Jewish man. How pathetic.

It got even more pathetic. Shermon had to cover up his tracks too. So, he changed his cover photo and posted some pro-Jewish videos.

People began asking questions.


And questions…


And questions… 



This is a very stupid move for Shermon. Palestine v Israel is a very very divisive issue, and Shermon to date has largely avoided it. Now bringing this up is sure to cause more issues for him.

What is even worse, is that Neil, the man he is trying to protect, has a long history of antisemitism. Not only being a member of Southern Cross Hammerskins, but also his long list of antisemitic and racist posts and attendences from previous and current associations.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.24.51 pm

Back when Neil posted a video stating “Hitler Aproves (sic) of NRG” (Nationalist Republican Guard)



Neil having some fun with “Swastika Man” from the Melbourne Rally, at a SC Hammerskins concert in 2011 (long friendship…).

Or perhaps the lovely posts when Neil was the “European Australian Civil Rights League”.



or maybe even the posts of his old-friend and leader (who was mutinied by Neil and friends), Mark Hootsen, of the Nationalist Alternative?


Whatever game they’re playing, we can assure you, Nationalist Alternative, StormFront and Whitelaw Towers would not be happy seeing Neil associating with Jews.

Just sit back, watch, and enjoy the show!

Until next time,



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