GoFundMe to commit crime – John Oliver.

UPDATE: The page has been removed from GoFundMe, but John Oliver has begun a paypal campaign. You can report this to aupviolations@paypal.com


John Oliver is a national organiser of the Reclaim Australia Rallies. He has been interviewed by several media outlets regarding the rallies prior to April 4, including New Matilda.


Honestly, the man isn’t the most articulate person in Australia, but he is a little less hot-headed than some of the other organisers (James Gilhome, Shermon Burgess, Scott Moerland, Nick Folkes et al.) but he has had his fair share of stupid moments.

Oliver told New Matilda he was concerned about ‘extremist’ Muslims and that “we’re suspect of anyone who questions us for questioning extremists”.

I’ll be the first one to say we have a lot of people on board who have extremist views as well. Now I know that’s a fact that we can’t do anything about. Some people are trying to hijack it for their own gains.

When pushed to explain his positions, Oliver admitted he was not an expert.

I’ve spoken to my local mosque. I wanted to know exactly what I was dealing with,” he said.

John Oliver on New Matilda, April 4 2015

Yeah, you get the picture.

Wind back a few months (or years) and you’ll notice a common trend among the far right, one of the unfaltering goals they all share.

Who is slackbastard?


It’s also noteworthy to point out that this is another common goal between Reclaim Australia and Neo Nazi groups like Whitelaw Towers, Squadron 88, SC Hammerskins, etc. There’s another link you can add to the pile.

I digress.

The ‘want’ to find him heats up every now and then. Who could forget when James Gilhome tried to cash in on the saga?



It went quite for a few weeks, we became the focus of ‘unmasking’, but then today, it surfaced again.

Someone started a GoFundMe campaign to find ‘Andy Fleming’ – the pseudonym people know Slackbastard as.



The funny thing to note about this is John’s stupidity.

See, facebook takes links when first posts them and caches the data, or ‘scrapes’ the data. Then, it stays. Regardless of whether you update the webpage, images or website title, Facebook will still display the original title for days on end until it clears its own cache, or you force facebook to ‘re scrape’ the website. John forgot to do this.

What do I mean?

Well, take a look.



When the link was originally posted, the creator was John Oliver. He obviously panicked about revealing his name (and the crime) and went to change it via GoFundMe.

This doesn’t work, Facebook has already ‘scraped’ the data. 


Although the name now appears on GoFundMe as John Smith, Facebook captured the original name. It’s stuck there. Silly silly man.

We don’t know exactly how he plans to use the $5000, but it raises serious legal questions. Raising a bounty to unmask him is illegal.

Hiring a private detective to unmask a man, and then plastering his details to call for vigilante justice is illegal, specifically section 21 (2) (BA) of the Crimes Act 1958.

publishing on the Internet or by an e-mail or other electronic communication to any person a statement or other material— 

              (i)     relating to the victim or any other person; or 

              (ii)     purporting to relate to, or to originate from, the victim or any other person;

The penalty? Level 5 imprisonment.

What about funding it? That’s illegal too.

The penalties range in section 195 of the Crimes Act between 5-20 years.

So, what can you do? Quite a bit actually.

The act and the funding is illegal. You can contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000, you can also notify National Security.

Lastly, you can ask GoFundMe to remove the campaign by clicking here.

The campaign is located here.

It is in clear breach of their terms of service.


Hopefully the madness stops.



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