A quick clarification. 

As many of you would be aware by now, graphic, vile images have surfaced of James’ cat and its alleged murder.

We’ll keep this quick. 

Last week, he blamed slackbastard. 


He used his own page, the RA Tasmania page, to plaster this accusation.



Now, a few points, and very important ones.

  • James has changed who’s responsible twice now. 
  • The accusation surfaced initially at 7AM AEST
  • We were able to confirm at approximately 12 midday, Tasmania Police confirmed no such report of this crime existed.
  • We later were able to confirm a girl had reported an issue to Tasmania Police regarding alleged stalking. She confirmed the police visited James about 10AM that day.
  • Why was no police report made in the first instance? Why were the police not notified of the crime when they visited James on the unrelated matter?
  • Why did none of James 5 housemates see the perpetrator?
  • Why isn’t there a blood pool around the cat in the photo, was the cat moved?
  • Why is the swastika done with clear human finger marks when Shermon claims it was done with the cat’s head?


James later spammed many anti-RA pages with the following message. We chose not to repost at the time as we believed it was a setup.


Now, he’s posting graphic photos of what is allegedly his cat, this time, blaming us and Reclaim The Real Australia.

He concedes that is is impossible for us to have travelled Bass Strait to do this in such a short time frame, but nonetheless, the photos continue.

I would find it highly distressing to have photos of my mutilated pet on a public forum, this doesn’t seem to bother him.

The timing doesn’t seem to distract from his posts either.

The fact he had 5 international housemates home hasn’t been addressed. 

He is seemingly capitalising on the beheading of his cat.

He’s also saying we have something to do with this because, someone who was an admin on our old page, liked a comment from DeathSec, who he claims exposed his address. Funnily, they didn’t – he did it himself, when he posted an image of his address on Google maps and his drivers licence.

We’ve chosen not to repost these images as they’re extremely graphic, but we hold concerns over how this actually happened.





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