Is Islam going to take over in “10 years”?

We’ve seen this mentioned countless times.

Guys, we have to get our heads out of the sand! Well, at least according to Shermon and co.

Demographics are a very interesting topic, and somewhat difficult to predict. That doesn’t stop Shermon making sweeping assumptions, including his video before the rallies claiming April 4 was “the last chance” juxtaposed with a photo of a burning Sydney Opera House, and Neil Erikson narrating, telling us that we would be taken over in 10 years.


Shermon uses provocative photos to tug at the hearts of bogans, to make them feel the imminent yet non existent threat of “islamic takeover!”

Well, we love excel. Any excuse to use it is good enough for us!

So, we made some calculations. According to ABS, at 2011, 2.2% of the population was Islamic. 

According to ABS, we have a 1.8% population growth per annum, which is quite high considering the US grows between 0.7 to 0.9% per annum.

To make it even more generous for Shermon and co, we doubled this figure for the islamic population, to account for “outbreeding” and some really ridiculously high asylum seeker intake numbers, assuming every asylum seeker was Islamic. 

Let’s see the results.


 So, after 10 years, non-Islamic Australia is certainly the majority, by far.

Let’s look forward, oh, I don’t know, 215 years?


Oh look, the exponential increase finally caught up. Even then, nowhere near the 66.67% needed for a double majority in order to change the constitution.

We even graphed it for you guys.


This takes into account no assumption for the rising rate of atheism, or environmental issues such as Climate Change, depletion of natural assets, world starvation, or even death. That’s right, we were so generous to the Reclaimers and their theory, we omitted death.

As you can see, the entire thing is a myth. It just isn’t going to happen.

So, relax, and stop being so racist.




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