Who invited the Neo Nazis?

This is a question which seems to be getting a bit too much attention over with the ‘Reclaim’ bunch. 

Granted, the Neo Nazis in attendance caused much grievance for their cause, and the media lapped it up – as they should. We also saw in the weeks prior, messages from the ‘Official Reclaim Australia Rally’ page politely asking the White Nationalists to leave their swastikas and Doc Martins at home.

Regardless, they attended.




It wasn’t nice. They didn’t even bother to cover up their swastika tattoos. Shame.

So, the media began branding the rallies for what they were – racist. Reclaim Australia had to step away from this – but how?

Why not just do what they always do? Lie.

Now, we’ve mentioned about Shermon Burgess, aka The Great Aussie Patriot and his ties to a man named Neil Erikson, that guy who was charged with harassing a rabbi in 2014, where the magistrate conceded it was ‘no doubt racially motivated’. Basically, the man who hates Jews.

We’ve linked him as the man behind NRG, aka Nationalist Republican Guard. He’s the man who blamed an innocent man as the person who runs our website. He’s the man who makes the videos for Shermon under ‘NRGVID’.



Now, we’re having the likes of Scott Moerland, RUAP federal candidate, and even Shermon himself, testing the idea that “the left placed Neo Nazis in the rally to denigrate our cause.”

Moerland went as far as suggesting to ‘The Saturday Paper’ that “the socialists put them in the rally”.


Wow, that’s news to us. 

Why don’t we play your investigative journalist?

Anyway, in a casual trawl through our photos, we picked up on something. It seems the infamous ‘swastika man’ that the Reclaim bunch are trying ever so hard to pin on us, has actually been photographed before – with Neil Erikson, at a Hammerskins gig (Neo Nazi music) a few years back.


Will Neil deny that the man in the black shirt is himself? 

Why don’t you decide. 






The tattoos are strikingly similar.

Shermon has shared Neil’s images before, including in his beloved #ISupportReclaimAustralia hashtag promotion. We noticed something a little sinister in Neil’s photograph. Take a look.



Well, well, well.

Birds of a feather, flock together. 

There’s your mystery solved, Sherlock (Shermon and Moerland) – as if you didn’t already know.

Remind me again who they’re Reclaiming Australia for?



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