Reclaim Australia – Tasmania organiser facing stalking allegations.

James Gilhome, recent friend of Shermon Burgess and recently appointed organiser of Reclaim Australia is facing stalking allegations.


ReclaimWhat has been granted permission by the victim (who we have chosen not to name) to publish screenshots of a conversation between themselves and James Gilhome, the man who claims he is for Reclaim Australia “for equal rights and being against racism”.

We have written about James Gilhome before, including the infamous screenshots of a conversation between himself and an unidentified person where he seemingly admits to framing an innocent man as slackbastard – the same scapegoating that set off a lynch mob out to attack and innocent man.  

Gilhome is also known as the man who runs and paid for the annual fee on Shermon’s website, and purchased Shermon a new video camera before even meeting the man. He describes himself as a “born again patriot” in order to shake suspicion due to the fact he used to run a page called ‘Islamophobia is UnAustralian’





Gilhome is the man purported as the owner of the cat that Burgess and he claim was murdered by ‘antifa‘ in yesterday’s KittenGate fiasco – the story that was confirmed by police to be totally untrue.  

The following screenshots detail a conversation from several nights ago between Gilhome and the victim which led to the victim contacting police.



Gilhome attempts to name the victim as an unrelated individual in these messages, whilst also admitting to association with Neil Erikson, the man behind NRG (Nationalist Republican Guard) and the man who was charged in 2014 for harassing a rabbi, where the magistrate confirmed she had no doubt was ‘racially motivated’. Oddly enough, James was born to a Jewish family. 

ReclaimWhat understands Tasmania Police visited Gilhome’s residence yesterday morning around the time the ‘murdered kitten’ posts surfaced on ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ page, where he was questioned by police over the stalking and hacking allegations. We have been unable to confirm this 100% at this time.

We expect to hear more about this shortly.



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