24 hours of bullsh*t.

It started yesterday, with ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ posting up a video of children in Egypt, claiming it was a class of ‘sharia law’ in Lakemba, NSW.


This post was later removed, but how it was removed raised questions. Last night, his page disappreared for about 30 minutes. His followers started flocking to backup pages asking where Shermon’s page had gone.

It was quickly reinstated. But the excuse that came through didn’t quite add up.



The first issue with this excuse is the ‘security settings’. To adjust security settings, one does not need to unpublish the page. 

The second issue with this is that there are no ‘security settings’ available to facebook pages, apart from allowing and disallowing writing to the timeline, that he could have changed. Coincidentally, the page was identical when it was reinstated. Shermon claimed the page was pulled for his above reason, but then ReclaimWhat got a hold of this screenshot.


Shermon backed down, and his followers began defending his blatant lie. For the remainder of the night, Shermon posted up videos from NRG (Nationalist Republican Guard) ridiculing counter-protestors from the April 4 rally.

Then, this morning, around 7.30AM AEST, the following post came up on his page.


Dissidents began asking questions as to how he had proof of this. They were quickly shunned and told to “fuck off”.



The issue with this was that the post was pulled approximately an hour later. No evidence was given, but the defamation was already done.

Members of ReclaimWhat spoke to Tasmania Police Media department and have confirmed that no such police report of this crime exists.


There were also holes in Shermon’s story. The most blatant was the claim that James’ lawyer would be requesting a “soerpena” for the identity of slackbastard.

In Australia, crimes are between the offender and the state/country. An individual would not need to request a subpoena themselves, this would be the police’s issue – so why would he claim such a thing?

We believe this comes off the back of a video Shermon posted last week where he took a photo of slackbastard’s recently passed cat, Mr B, and mocked him using it’s photo. 

We’ve chosen not to publish that.


Shermon is still pretending it happened. He doesn’t realise the police are aware of the lie, and 100% refuted it.


Even worse, James Gilhome has now posted a ‘tribute’ for his cat. The cat in this photo looks older than 3 months old, so why is a cat named after Shermon, when James was a vehement hater of Shermon up until January 2015? 


James has also seemingly admitted he has been visited by the police for something more sinister. 


We believe he’s using this story to hide from some other troubles going on. Time will tell.

With a man with such shot credibility, why is anyone still listening to him?



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