The little problem of “Reclaim Australia Rallies” image.

“Image is everything.”

Particularly when you’re giving first impressions. Reclaim Australia is still young, it’s only recently held its first rallies, which to many, were an absolute failure. 

They weren’t just a failure due to their message being a moot point, but because of the attendees, media backlash, the the general calibre of those who are/were running it. 

They seem to be losing steam.

We’re going to address a few points here about the image of these rallies and their people, and why they’ve failed so dismally in the public spotlight.

1. The demands.

Ah, the demands! Who could forget the points of the rally. Never mind how confused the followers are, from the pseudo-bigoted “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims” all the way to the “gas all Muslims!”


Amongst most of the points, one would notice that either the demand was based on a non-existent threat, or was already legislation.  Particularly centrelink recognising polygamous marriage – they don’t. Polygamy isn’t legal in Australia. Someone may have multiple wives wedded under a faith based system, however, Centrelink won’t pay for that. An individual claiming individuals payments would happen regardless of whether they’re faith-married or not.

The silliest point was the 10 year jail term for FGM. In Victoria, FGM already carries a 15 year sentence as a Level 4 imprisonment, and in NSW, 21 years, based on the state Crimes Acts. It seems that Reclaim Australia wanted to reduce the sentences for the practice.

Perhaps they should fix that.

2. The attendees

The attendees on the day weren’t exactly a broad bunch of walks of life. There was a common theme. Most described their attendees as “white bogans”. Many saw hot-headed Anglos lose their cool on the day, becoming violent, and spitting some of the most uneducated insults at people who disagreed with them. The other issue with the attendees were those pesky Nazis. Shermon Burgess tried to blame the Nazi attendance on ‘the left’ to try and take the split light off him. Nobody bought it though, because those very Nazis were the friends of NRG head Neil Erikson, the man who makes all of Shermon’s videos.



3. The sentiment 

Oh this one is a big issue, particularly on social media. There seems to be a lot of different levels of bigotry on display, and they’re unable to keep it under wraps. The sentiment of a lot of the reclaim supporters is nothing short of conspiracy based disgustingness.



 (We couldn’t find any one image to sum it up)

4. The Racism 

One of the beloved cards of the Reclaimers is the “what race is Islam” card. They fail to realise bigotry is just as bad, and has the same consequence. Need we remind anyone of the Holocaust and antisemitism?

Then there’s the issue of Shermon calling all aboriginals dickheads. That didn’t help.

There also seems to be this racial element amongst followers regarding anyone from the Middle East. They do fail to realise that Israel and many Christians also live in the Middle East. The word ‘sand nigger’ is thrown around a lot too. Because, you know, that’s not racist.


5. The boganism

Not only their followers, but the head honchos as well. People are starting to complain their image is too ‘bogan’, but it’s a bit late to fix that. There’s Shermon, ex garbage collector for Cooma council, then there’s Michael Voysey, the constantly agitated hot headed bogan, and now, some twit called “the F’n Aussie”. Take a look.



It doesn’t help that some of the images he shares aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing either.



A lot of his followers have complained about the image, but nobody is doing anything.

6. The lies and conspiracies

Without going too much into this topic, there’s to persisting issue of lies. Shermon and other groups put across images of “anti australians” blaming them for things they didn’t actually do, regardless of evidence. 

There’s also that issue of the tried, tested and failed theories, like halal funding terrorism.

There’s also issues where they share images of ‘Muslims’ doing bad things, like the time Shermon shared a video of a child fighting another child, and blamed it on the kid being Islamic. The issue? The child was a Romani gypsy, a Catholic. 


Then there was Shermon sharing a video of ‘kids being taught the Qu’ran at Lakemba mosque’. This was actually filmed in Egypt. Facts, schmacts!


There’s also Michael Voysey trying to blame the recent Church arson attacks in Melbourne on Muslims, despite the fact police have conceded the burnings have a blatant link to places where paedophilic priests and their parishes once were.



Who could also forget the topic of the plane crash in French Alps, killing all 149 people on board. They tried to blame that on Muslims too, sharing a photo of the pilot standing out front of a buolding they claimed was a mosque. The issue? It was actually his house.

7. The hot headed was

They’re hot headed, all of them. Shermon, Voysey, and now “The F’n Aussie”, they’re all too hot headed and cannot keep their cool. This is horrible for someone’s image.


Shermon has recently shown this with his vitriolic campaign against Wilson Security and The Guardian for laying off staff who attended the rallies. He calls this “Anti Australian”. He also calls the Guardian “communist.”  


Michael Voysey was also caught telling Malcolm Turnbull to shoot himself. Not pretty.

8. The spelling and grammar

You would think that if you’re trying to create a national movement, and move that internationally, one would take a little more care in their spelling. Not just the people who run it, but their supporters. But their expletive laden outbursts are just denigrating their cause further.




There is a lot of other things wrong with their image, and this article will be a constantly updating piece.

Perhaps you can share with us your views on why you think their image is so off?

Until next time,



One thought on “The little problem of “Reclaim Australia Rallies” image.

  1. Karen Kyle says:

    It is hard to tease out all the elements that make them so off putting. I guess the main objection I have is their obvious Fascist beliefs, their poisonous hatred, their bigotry, the sheer stupidity and the huge weight of the most appalling lies. Coupled with the foul language and name calling and spite. They are dead ignorant and have great self belief which is probably a cover up for the fact that they are terrified people. They really seem to believe that they can change this country, through the bottom of their ignorance they think we can scrap the Constitution….they claim to be experts on the Constitution despite their rambling on the subject revealing that they actually don’t know much about it.
    Their anti Islamist stance is beyond bad, and unfortunately there is an element of truth in what they claim re Islam extremists. This is enough to give some force and credibility to their poison……enough to suck in the gullible and ignorant. I really hope they are running out of steam. They see our entire society as corrupt, the governments at all levels, the media, the courts and so on. They are dangerous people, and by the way so is their fellow right wing looney Tony Abbott and his crew.


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