Oh Michael Voysey, that wasn’t smart!

So, the man who claims that Muslims are burning down Churches in Mebourne has just broken the law – publicly, and unashamedly.


In Victoria, this crime is located in the Crimes Act 1958, section 21A.


The video in question, starts off by telling everyone that he has some “serious information”, we would prefer he changed that to “serious defamation“. 

Michael names 5 people, including the person they continually blame as us, first perpetrated by Neil Erikson, the man behind NRG (Nationalist Republican Guard)


He also defames each person, claiming they sell drugs on a mass scale to fund their “anarchist” groups. 

He claims that the supposed admin of ReclaimWhat also firebombs ‘Patriots‘ houses. 

This is the first time our admins have heard of this. It’s a bit funny, considering he actually doesn’t know who we are.

The video claims that the anti-racism rallies were only setup 10 days prior to April 4, and that they were setup by the Socialists and Communists. This is a lie, as posters were printed and distributed as early as February.

The confusing part about making political assumptions on ReclaimWhat is that this man actually has no idea of who we are, so how could he possibly know that?

Even funnier, and contradictingly, he mentions that we post up photos of ‘patriots kids and the schools they attend’, and their home addresses. Oddly,we actually never have, however, he and his mates have, a few times. (and sort of just did)


Even more funny, is that he claims that the ‘anarchists‘ and ‘Antifa‘ planted Neo nazis into the rallies. 

This is a myth they’re trying and testing as of late. Even Scott Moerland has jumped on board.  


However, we have advice for Michael and Scott: if you wish to find who is responsible for bringing the neo nazis to the rally in Melbourne, you need to look no further than Neil Erikson, Shermon’s right hand man, and the man who creates all the videos under ‘NRG’ (Narionalist Republican Guard).

As he is a member on the StormFront (white pride) forums, and attends hammerskins (neo nazi) music events, we think you’re either blind or painfully ignorant to miss the link there.



So, what can you do? Well apart from the fact that Michael did actually post the video to facebook, not YouTube (even though in his video he claims invincibility for doing so), you can report it if it springs up on YouTube by using the guide below:


If it is still on Facebook by the time you are reading this, we also have a guide on reporting that way:



We always knew that Michael was special kind of disgusting and stupid.



But he’s really outdone himself this time. 





One thought on “Oh Michael Voysey, that wasn’t smart!

  1. Dale says:

    Its funny that he says the nazis were planted at the rallies, the Great Aussie Idiot must have known it was a possibility they were going to show as he made a video asking people specifically to not show any swastika tattoos. Surely you must know your rally is racist if you feel you have to go online and ask people to cover up their neo-nazi tattoos.. haha

    Liked by 1 person

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