Why George Christensen’s pandering to bigotry is blatantly obvious.

One of the favourite myths of the Reclaim Australia nutters is the whole ‘halal funds terrorism’ fiasco. It’s not true, and despite numerous articles of experts all agreeing it is a farce, they continue to ram their lies down the throats of their followers.

Very few politicians want to jump onto this cause, because apart from the fact there is no credible evidence to support it, it’s economically damaging. The halal industry props up some of our most critical primary industries, and allows them into some of the largest export markets, but to many bigots, ‘we know better than the authorities’, and the lies continue. 

As pointed out by New Matilda’s journalist Max Chalmers, it’s probably because they run their pages and campaigns on a reversed method of ‘presumed innocence‘, the very legal concept that Australian citizens rely on. 

Well, there is one prominent politician who is happy to act as the voice for many of the bigots. His name is George Christensen.


George Christensen is the National Party Deputy Whip. The very same National Party who’s leader, Barnaby Joyce, openly stated the sector is “unviable without halal certification.”

George Christensen may have a past that some could consider to be ‘colourful‘. 

But that’s not why we’re writing this. 

See, George is now wishing to act as the voice for many of the bigoted pages who have had an outcry of rage after 3 flags were reportedly burned at the counter-protests at the Reclaim Australia rallies on April 4.  


We’ve already discussed previously why this was a farce, and made mention of the innocent people who were scapegoated as the ‘perpetrators’ to such a ‘heinous’ act of protest. Even the RSL took a chance to call out their disgust at the desecration. It took a very long time, and a lot of yelling to get the facts across, the fact that it was burned by the Nation’s first people, as a protest against White Genocide and the Forced closure of Aboriginal communities by the government. 


Regardless, today, George Christensen has come out, guns-a-blazin, telling us lefties that he’s going right to the AHRC with the issue. 

What might surprise you is the act he wishes to invoke. The beloved Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Particularly section 18C. Why is that name familiar? Perhaps because the LNP, the coalition that George’s party half belongs to, tried desperately to repeal the law in 2014.

So, how is George planning on using this very section of the act to get these damned lefties!

Well, George said he had been contacted by people (read ‘Patriots’) “offended by protestors burning the national symbol during aggressive Socialist Alternative and Socialist alliance [sic] protests in Melbourne”.

If sections of the Act can be applied to one race or nationality it must apply to all, whether a minority or the majority,” he stated.

Basically, George believes burning the flag was racist to White People. I didn’t find it racist, a lot of people didn’t, and I’m white. 

But don’t let that get in the way of some good old socialist bashing!

Despite the fact that the Flags Act 1953 clearly does not make desecration illegal, nor does the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act (I’m looking at you, people who think burning the flag is treasonous), he is going to attempt to use 18C to claim that burning the flag was somehow racist. Never mind the plight of the Indigenous Australians, or how other minorities are feeling due to the sentiment and blatant racism of these rallies. It was only yesterday that we easily exposed just how racist their followers are to anyone who seems ‘foreign’.


What we see here is a very sad, straw clutching attempt by an MP to try and give his followers pathetic campaign some legitimacy.

We find it odd that George would find this racist, by drawing the most convoluted conclusions and assumptions, yet makes no mention of the below photos from around Australia at the rallies, on April 4, and their atftermath.



We might be going on a hunch here, but we think it’s quite obvious that he’s trying to protect the very White Australians who are attempting to ‘Reclaim Australia’ from anyone who isn’t White themselves.

Regardless, depending on the outcome of this, ReclaimWhat is interested in how the complaint will be treated. 

Although we are sure it will be dismissed with a laugh and quick swipe into the bin, we do too have some legal avenues we are looking at pursuing for hate speech against some prominent voices.

We guess it will have to wait.

Until then, good luck, George.



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