Flag desecration? What’s the deal?

Over the past few weeks, one of the biggest gripes for the ‘patriots’ has been the flags that were burned at the counter-protest at the Reclaim Australia rallies.


Despite numerous Indigenous persons admitting they had burned it, that didn’t stop Shermon setting off his rabid dogs on an innocent man.  

The Flags Act of 1953 fell short of making desecration a crime, but that didn’t stop the RSL making a complaint about the protest. There seems to be this constant message coming out that somehow, burning the flag is directly ‘spitting in the face‘ of the ANZACs. Never mind the fact the blue ensign only became our barrio all flag in 1954, after both WWI and WWII…


Every now and then, after a publicised burning, the ‘patriots’ (Nationalists) get rabid and call for desecration to be made a crime. They seemingly mimick the USA in a lot of their statements. We’ve seen them quote the US constitution, US Armed forces’ pledges, and now US laws. 

The below is an extract of the ways in which the USA define flag desecration. 


The USA also describes the preferred way to dispose of a flag.


Even Lil Wayne copped severe backlash in 2013 for merely accidentally walking on the US flag.


We find all of this hysteria funny. See, the way Australians treat the blue ensign is already absolutely ‘disrespectful‘, I mean, we claim burning the flag is bad, but let’s look at the way we’ve trivialised and made novelty of this piece of cloth.

We rub our junk against it.  

We wipe our faces clean of food remnants with it.  

We lay it on dirt and sand to sit on it. 

We wipe our muddy feet all over it.  

Sometimes we ejaculate on it. Edit 


We walk on it, everywhere.  

We use it to keep body parts in place, and decent. (We also see a blatant misuse of the Naval white ensign here)  

We burn carcinogenic addictive substances and put their droppings in it.

We eat off it. 

We let babies defecate on it. 

We relieve ourselves through it.

We capitalise on it to make a racist point.  

One would think, in all the ways we use and abuse the national flag, burning it in protest would seem petty in comparison. But nobody seems to realise that half of the stuff we do with our flag in this country is seen as extremely disrespectful overseas.

I can even see in the below photo that ‘Voysey the Bogan’ puts his ciggy butts in it, walks on it, sweats on it, and capitalises on it to make a bigoted point.


I don’t know, maybe just some food for thought.


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