Why won’t Shermon accept NITV’s invite? Oh, that’s why.

Ever since Burgess’ rise to ‘fame’ he’s had a spate of smaller media outlets wishing to interview him.

He did once accept this invitation and somewhat learned not to trust all media. Sneaky Magazine interviewed him and released their video via their Sneaky TV channel on Saturday April 4. This video showed him in a not so savoury light, a juxtaposition of Shemon tripping over his “Aussie Aussie Aussie“, and footage of your backyard bogan trying to explain why Islam is bad. Ross May, the notorious Nazi was also shown.

It wasn’t pretty.


Shermon was recently invited to be interviewed by NITV, but has not responded despite numerous attempts at contact.


NITV producer Danny TeeJay Johnson was left questioning why he wasn’t responding to any of NITVs requests, and is yet to receive a response. 

We imagine they wish to interview him after his racist rant where he called all Aboriginal persons ‘dickheads.’ The twit tried to claim that video was fake too.


National Indigenous Television (NITV) is a channel made by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it was launched on free-to-air in 2012.

Shermon wasn’t too happy about this, and vented to one of his friends. ReclaimWhat has received screenshots from an unidentified individual discussing his ‘reasons’.


As soon as other pages began leaking these screenshots, Shermon was quick to defend them. This time, he isn’t claiming hacking, but claiming ‘lefties’ have made fake accounts. 

ReclaimWhat can only find one profile on facebook that matches that name and picture. That is of the real Shermon Burgess.



Coming to think of it, though, is it that hard to believe this man would say such a thing?

Then, it got worse, SMS screenshots leaked with a phone number that belongs to Shermon. Is that a fake mobile too?


Danny wasn’t happy about how rude Shermon was. 


Shermon needs to learn how to ‘politely decline’. 

We think it’s pretty typical.


PS. We have had to create a new facebook page, it is available here


2 thoughts on “Why won’t Shermon accept NITV’s invite? Oh, that’s why.

  1. mindmadeup says:

    Isn’t it funny how these fervent far right publicity whores are eager to get their mugs in front of a camera when screaming their hate but who get mighty shy and coy when the people they have vilified want to interview them?

    Then they try and silence their critics by mass reporting Facebook posts and pages, thinking that they can make the embarrassment all go away.

    It won’t happen bigots.


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