The lovers of free speech don’t really love free speech. 

NOTE: We have had to create a new facebook page, it is available here

Free speech to a ‘patriot’ is paramount. Except when it’s actually free speech. Like any good fascist, ‘patriots’ hate it when someone speaks out against them. 

Any of our readers would be well aware of this, particularly when questioning one of those bigots on a page and asking for evidence, which either ends in insulting vitriolic ranting, or a flat out ban.

Now this does work both ways, we too ban people on the ReclaimWhat page who constantly abuse members, post up things which are clearly not fit to be called ‘evidence’, people who peddle myths and conspiracies, or in the case of Daniel Evans, Neil Erikson or Ross May, flat out ban without warning due to the nature of the person in general. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be able to change a bigot’s mind, so our tolerance for trying does at times wear very thin.

The funny thing though, is that we do not profess to be for free speech, we actually are against unchecked speech. The reason for this is hate speech becomes commonplace where people can say what they want to the masses without any issue or moral apprehension for offending people who really have done nothing wrong. 

This is the same for Australia as a whole. We have many anti-discrimination acts, and many would remember the issues last year when Tony Abbott went on a personal crusade on behalf of Andrew Bolt to remove that pesky section of the Racial Discrimination Act which keeps coming to haunt so-called journalist Bolt.

I digress.

Over on our facebook page, we’ve recently been under a more than usual barrage of reporting attacks. We’ve mentioned before that the way facebook and it’s reporting algorithms work is that although generally, reports are reviewed by a person, when a post is reported continually and in large numbers, facebook systems will generally automatically remove a post and ban the user who posted it. Whilst in theory, this could work for posts which should be removed quick smart, such as child porn, sometimes this removed posts that really do not breach facebook community standards.

‘Patriots’ have learned this. Over the past week we’ve had several admins banned for 24 hours, and 3 days in some cases, for posting things which ‘patriots’ did not like. 

And what fun would we be for us not to show you what was removed!

It began with a banning for the below post:


We were banned after Hong Shen, the supposed name of the above ‘patriot’ (who’s facebook vanity URL is actually a Russian name…) took it upon himself to complain to the PDLA page about us posting the exact same photo that The Great Aussie Patriot, Shermon Burgess, had posted up. We didn’t alter the photo at all, but simply mentioned the altering of the photo by Hong. He did not like his photo being taken from one public sphere and put into another. Nationalists do not like criticism.


For the record, PDLA do not like Asians. Hong should find another group.


After that post was forcibly removed, we were silly to think that would be the end. The bans continued:


Christine Sindt, councillor for La Trobe City, was unhappy with us reposting her anti Islamic propaganda. Again, it was taken from a public space.

We then got suspended for posting the below photo. Fine, we did alter that one, haha. We still stick by it. 


These resulted in 24 hour bans for some of our admins and our page was temporarily unpublished. This happens so facebook gives you the chance to ‘review’ other things which may ‘go against community standards‘.   

The obvious problem with this is when what you had originally posted didn’t actually go against community standards.

We then got a 3 day ban from one of our admins for posting this:


 James Gilhome does not like ReclaimWhat. A man who used to run ‘Islamophobia is UnAustralian’ switched sides seemingly overnight some months ago, and went from left of politics to far right of politics, not only defending Shermon, but even buying the man he has never met a brand new camera and mailing it to him. James Gilhome has some messed up logic, including thinking we must be for FGM and Child Marriage because we oppose xenophobia from the Reclaim Australia rallies, because, you know, it must be the polar opposite if you oppose bigotry.

James has been trying to keep the credibility of the rallies (as he put his hand up to be the Tasmanian organiser recently) after a lot of ‘patriots’ have exposed their racism toward Indigenous folk after Blackfulla Revolution spoke against Reclaim Australia. It’s not really working.



James seems to think because a speaker addresses the forced closure of Aboriginal Communities at their rally, then all members must be for that cause. That would explain why Shermon thinks Aboriginals murdered the ‘original Pygmy race’ and are all ‘dickheads’. It would also explain why there is countless posts of racism against Aboriginals on their pages. We joke, it doesn’t explain it at all.

James also hasn’t been told that Reclaim Australia aren’t even trying to cover up their cause as ‘only against extremism’ anymore, and are flat out against Islam as a whole. Never mind the fact that banning a religion is unconstitutional and fascist in itself. Awkward.

James is particularly angry with ReclaimWhat after we revealed screenshots showing him scapegoating (and admitting they were false) an innocent man as Slackbastard.



He seems to believe that because Shermon posts up photos of non-Anglos with his beloved hashtag, then they cannot possibly be racist! Do we even need to explain why that’s ridiculous? A movement that has to politely ask its members to leave their SS gear, Nazi flags and Celtic crosses at home needs to take a damned good look at what they’re ‘reclaiming’.


We are also extremely tired of Shermon propping up the military (anyone say Nationalist?) and trying to state that anyone who isn’t for their rally MUST be against the ANZACs. Regardless of how many times we remind Shermon that ANZACs fought fascism, the same fascism that Shermon’s biggest fans would love to implement, he still seems to believe the ANZACs fought ‘lefties‘ and ‘muzzrats‘. 

Not only is this factually and historically incorrect, it’s disgusting and denigrates their legacy. The man should be ashamed of himself. Using fallen soldiers to push his cause is highly disrespectful, especially to drive a wedge between communities and push hatred.


All in all, the Reclaim Australia side are unhappy with us posting up the details of what goes on behind closed doors in their world. They’re unhappy with us pointing out their blatant racist, xenophobic and bigoted ideals, and they’re unhappy with the truth.

Free speech is only favourable for them if it puts them in a favourable light.

Because of this, it is likely you may experience our facebook page periodically going offline, which may be for extended periods.

Remember that we can always be reached via our website and wordpress blog, which cannot be removed by mass reporting. We have a network of other pages who support us who are happy to assist in syndicating our messages, including Reclaim The REAL Australia, Australians against the Australian Defence League, The New Australian Defence League, et al. 

We can be temporarily silenced on facebook, but we will always be here to keep those bastards honest. 

In solidarity!



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