‘Know your Nazi!’ – Shermon and the Reclaim Australia Rallies’ dirty ties.

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We’ve been going on and on about the dirty ties associated with the Reclaim Australia Rally, but how well do you know those ugly far-right groups associated, and how well do you know their association? 

Fear not! ReclaimWhat is here to explain!

Nationalist Republican Guard  

Nationalist Republican Guard, better known as NRG, is a splinter group that formed in 2014 from the Nationalist Alternative, after they had a mutiny with their then-leader, Mark Hootsen. Head of NRG is Neil Erikson, who was charged with harassment of a rabbi in 2014, where the magistrate explained the attack was “no doubt racially motivated.”

NRG have recently undergone some renovations, changing their name to the ‘more savoury’ NRGVID. Their facebook also underwent some changes, including removal of their ‘Hitler aproves (sic) of NRG‘ to make it easier to swallow for ‘patriots’. Erikson is the voice behind all the videos he does for Shermon, and was seen filming (after he got pissed at the bar near the NGV at 11AM) the entire day at the Melbourne Rally. He’s responsible for pushing the myths such as ‘manure flinging by antifa’ and blaming an innocent man as running our page. He is also associated with Whitelaw towers.


(Erikson in the Orange jacket) 

Blood and Honour 

  Members of ‘Blood and Honour’, a neo nazi group, were seen at the rally in Melbourne. 

Squadron 88  

Squadron 88 was formed by near-death racist Ross May (The Skull). He was seen at the Sydney rally and filmed there by Sneaky Magazine.


Ross May is so nazi that even Pauline Hanson had to distance herself from his views. He has been on the nazi scene since the 1960s, has been known to be violent to women, has beaten gays, imprisoned for violence, and frequently warns people that they will be killed when ‘White Australia Policy returns.’


Patriots Defence League Australia


PDLA is an ugly far right organisation focused largely in Sydney. PDLA are known to state kosher ‘funds jewish rabbinical paedophilia’ and thanking ‘patriots’ for ‘not mixing‘. 


John Oliver, spokesman for Reclaim Australia is a member.

Australian Defence League 

Australian Defence League is an islamophobic, anti-immigration far right group. Shermon Burgess was a confirmed member as at 28/03/2015 (see screenshot) and has been known to organise meet and recruits as far back as 2011 in Cooma. Shermon denies any association, but his facebook tells a different story.

 Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) 

Shermon (The Great Aussie Patriot and confirmed national organiser of Reclaim Australia) has been confirmed by Cooma locals to be a previous member of the Southern Cross Soliders. We personally knew some SCS members who would go out to Melbourne CBD at night from Diamond Creek, VIC, and ambush and beat up people of other ethnicities. SCS faded into nothingness after one of their members who used to engage in these activities, Tyler Cassidy, was shot and killed by police in 2008 for failing to disarm. 

 Party for Freedom – Nicholas Folkes.

Party for Freedom is a political status-pending group formed by Nick Folkes after he split from the APP. Folkes was responsible for putting up vehemently anti-islamic signs outside a public primary school, where the fire brigade had to remove them at the taxpayers cost. Folkes was a spokesperson for the Reclaim Australia rally.

 Australian Protectionist Party 

Before Folkes formed Party for Freedom, he was a candidate for the Australian Protectionist Party, an anti-multiculturalism fascist idealist party. They are supposedly now defunct. Some of Folkes best moments can be seen below:




 WCOTC (World Church of the Creator) 

WCOTC leader Patrick O’Sullivan was caught handing out Reclaim Australia Rally invites at The Bendigo pub before being forcefully removed in Feb 2015. He is a well known Neo Nazi in the area.

Nationalist Alternative 

Nationalist Alternative is a group run by Mark Hootsen, an anti-Islamic anti-Jewish group that promotes white supremacy. Neil Erikson was a member until they split in 2014 and he formed the NRG. Nationalist Alternative was seen at the Melbourne Rally trying to hand out flyers and use a PA to promote race hate before being ejected by counter protestors.

Other Nazi crap.

There has been a lot of Nazi crap posted by Burgess including posts from Whitelaw Towers, NRG media, PDLA, Squadron 88 and ADL.  

Recently Burgess has been sharing white supremacist tagged photos. 

Reclaim Australia Melbourne rally was also caught sharing a video on facebook that was Hitler apologist in nature and explaining justifications for the holocaust.


So, you might want to ask, with all these obvious ties, why aren’t they speaking out, why aren’t they distancing from these associations? 

Perhaps it’s because they’re all working together…  


3 thoughts on “‘Know your Nazi!’ – Shermon and the Reclaim Australia Rallies’ dirty ties.

  1. luigi says:

    I am just sick of these rancid patatorots, I wish they would hurry up and rot away and leave multicultural Australia in peace.


  2. james bell says:

    Great site….always looked for something like this…but this surpasses what I imagined would be made…well done!!!


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