It’s only a matter of time…

The issue with far-right hate campaigns is that their supporters and campaigners can’t hold a common goal.

The group’s split and fight because someone is unhappy with the other either not being hateful enough, or being too hateful.

Last night we had a ‘patriot’ complain we had used his photo without permission. 

He claimed we altered his photo (we didn’t), and called on his patriot buddies to report our page. Obviously, bigots took this as an opportunity to head to our page to stifle their beloved ‘free speech’, with comments usually just being “liers” (sic), “traitors” and being told we we’re committing treason for not supporting a supposed war we’re apparently engaged in, in a supposed country. Yeah, we’re confused too. This also brought with it the usual history-rewritten rubbish about Aboriginals. 

Hong Shen (if that is his real name) was not happy that we posted the below photo.


Nationalists hate criticism after all. 

Happy to dish it, but can’t eat it.

Hong took it upon himself to promote our page through his ‘Patriots Defence League Australia’ and ‘Australian Patriot Infidels’. Such corny names… 

It sort of backfired, because we received an increase in likes. 

So we set out to take a look at the PDLA page, after all, it’s been some time since we’ve focused on them considering the amount of crap that ‘The GAP’ has been putting out lately.

What we found is exactly what we’ve warned about far-right nationalist groups. They’re inherently racist. No, this time it’s not just about Islamic people, this time it’s explicitly racial.


It’s also homophobic, anti-multicultural, antisemitic and pro-aryan in nature.


It’s also unashamedly racist. 

Nick Folkes is a friend of the PDLA as is Shermon, both are spokespeople for Reclaim Australia. 

I mean, if we can put the evidence there as to how crystal clear these groups are, and ‘patriots’ deny that these groups are racist and claim we are ‘clutching straws’, but they’re happy to make wild assumptions and broken links about halal funding terrorism, it just makes their bias all the more obvious.

We’re not sure if Hong is aware, but he doesn’t exactly fall into their favourite ‘category’.  

It’s a favourite line of the Reclaim losers that they can’t be racist because Islam isn’t a race, and apparently ‘Muslims and Aboriginals attended our rally!’

That’s nice. Reminds me of “im not homophobic, I have a gay friend of a friend! I just don’t think it’s natural.”     

It’s only a matter of time before the Reclaim Australia nonsense goes full White Nationalist and stops pretending they’re not. We just wonder how many of their followers will finally realise they’ve been taken for a ride and drop the cause – and how many will stay on board.



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