The far-right has multiple splits.

UPDATE: Mike Holt from Restore Australia also seemingly wants to distance from Shermon, an ’embarrassment to the movement’. 


Notorious racist and sexist, Nicholas Folkes, and recent spokesman for the Reclaim Australia, has thrown in the towel, citing he’s grown tired of  ‘untrue elements’ regarding him and his past, and the ‘Shady’ people behind the rally, aka Shermon Burgess.  


Assumed friend Andrew Knight tells Nicholas Folkes about the ‘bitching’ going on over on the Reclaim Australia and ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ pages, after Folkes appearance as Reclaim Australia spokesperson on Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’ earlier this week.



Jokes were flying left right and centre over on The Great Aussie Patriot regarding Folkes’ appearance on Monday.


Nicholas’ response wasn’t pretty. He’s seemingly unhappy with the way Shermon is running the show, and believes he will cause the movement to ultimately fail. 



The issue with far-right groups, is that they split and reorganise in another form quite frequently, as ASIO has noted. Much like a Phoenix…

We’ve seen this before recently, when Nationalist Alternative very uglily split last year, and Neil Erikson formed splinter group NRG.

We only assume the same will happen to Reclaim Australia. The issue with this movement is that it’s meddled in politics.

So, who is Nick Folkes?

Nick Folkes is an ex member of the far-right nationalist, protectionist party ‘Australian Protectionist Party‘, a fringe party that rarely gets voters to tick their box.

Folkes ultimately left the party and formed his own, not so aptly named ‘Party for Freedom‘, much along the same lines, and vehemently anti-multicultural.

In Shermon’s defence, Folkes has an ugly, racist, homophobic and sexist online presence. Then again, Shermon’s no better.



There has been much documentation on his not-so-savoury history detailed on theantibogan and slackbastard’s blogs’. 

Regardless of our views on both groups, and their nationalist hate campaigns, the cracks keep growing. 



4 thoughts on “The far-right has multiple splits.

    1. Bilbo says:

      Hi nick so you agree we should build gas chambers for all the black people Asians and anyone with a beard just in case .
      Kill them all and inbreed ……
      Have you ever read a book after pre school?


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