The man who wants to ‘Reclaim Australia’ – who is Shermon Burgess?

Who is going to Ride with our Police? Now that Islam had declared war on Police.”

NOTE: all screenshots in this article have been obtained via public pages and have NOT been altered in any way.

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One of the many ‘approved slogans’ of Burgess and the Reclaim Australia movement. 

Shermon Burgess is a confirmed national organiser, and registrant to the business name ‘Reclaim Australia Rallies’.

He’s spoken out against radical Islam, and stated he is trying to uphold the Australian way of life – the Australia he knows and loves.

Many people look up to this man as their ‘saviour’, a man who stands up for their values and morals, who stands against the horrific sexism, inequality, homophobia, evil and terrorism ‘that is Islam’.

But who exactly is Shermon Burgess?

Shermon Burgess to many is ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’, a pseudonym given to his own self in his alter-ego on Facebook. A man who states ‘Free democratic speech against the far left and Islamic extremists.’


Shermon Burgess is a man of Cooma, NSW. 

A garbage truck collector for the Cooma Council, he’s also a musician, starring in the trio ‘Eureka Brigade’  and the duo ‘Clockwork and Sherminator’.

A man now in his thirties, wasn’t always the popular anti-islamic icon he is today.

Shermon was engaged in 2007, but never married. A local source tells us his partner and himself had one child, but Shermon walked out prior to the birth, citing the child was not his. The relationship ultimately failed. 


Although reasons are unknown as to the actual cause of that relationship’s breakdown, evidence tells us from his past ranting of his absolute intolerance for others, and the issues surround his abandonment of his pregnant fiancé.



Outward resentment of religious persons seemed to begin at this moment.



A year later in 2010, however, his attention seemingly shifted to Islam. Shermon began signing petitions to support the well known hate group, the English Defence League.


This wasn’t enough. It was time to make it more local. In 2011, Shermon began his crusades against the halal certification industry in his own home town of Cooma.

Some time later, Shermon created his group ‘Eureka Brigade’ and ‘Clockwork and Sherminator’ with friend Alex Wentworth (real name Alex McKinnon).


This band is vehemently anti-islamic.




Songs such as ‘Sh*t on a Mosque’ and ‘Border Patrol’, which described navy vessels killing asylum seekers, garnered him and Wenworth a position on the ASIO watch list, and got RAN Able Seaman Jamie Patton charged by his Divisional Officer for some disgusting comments that subsequently went public.


He then formed ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’, with some even more questionable content being posted. Such as where he claimed ‘Aboriginals are dickheads‘, posted links to White Nationalist websites, shared events from Squadron 88 (88 = HH = Heil Hitler) and shares videos from a man (Neil Erikson, of the NRG) charged with harassment against a rabbi based on his race and religion.




Shermon also openly speaks against the left in which he states they are ‘jobless dole bludgers’, sources have told us that Shermon too, was once a dole recipient.

So, with a man with such questionable background and obvious sentiment toward religion, how does he feel about the country and its values he’s trying so hard to ‘Reclaim’?

Let’s take a closer look at the following points:

  1. Sexism
  2. Racism/Xenophobia
  3. Homophobia
  4. Religious tolerance
  5. Violence
  6. Drug use

1. Sexism

Shermon claims one of his reasons to being against Islam and Shariah law is due to the sexist nature of its scripture and laws.

Shermon however, is no equal-fighter.


It seems to Shermon, women are objects serving a purpose to please a man.  He also doesn’t seem to take issue with violence against women, at all.

2. Racism/Xenophobia 

I don’t think we need to delve into this point too far, he is on video calling Aboriginals dickheads after all. It’s blatantly obvious. Shermon does however associate with with White Nationalists (Neil Erikson, Nicholas Folkes) and has said some disgusting things about other ethnicities before. Sources have told us this hatred of all things foreign has been long living, resulting from his mother who too shares his views and is outwardly racist.


Animal cruelty doesn’t seem to be too high on his list either, yet, he takes issue with kosher and halal slaughter methods.

3. Homophobia

Shermon has been known to post some pretty homophobic sentiments in the past.


He also seems to associate with the likes of homophobic people (Nicholas Folkes, former APP member, and current Reclaim Australia supporter and spokesperson), and doesn’t speak out against extremist elements who follow his ‘Reclaim Australia Rallies’ which are rife with homophobia (Neo Nazi attendees at the Reclaim Australia Rallies).



4. Religious tolerance 

Religious tolerance isn’t something Shermon is fond of. We’ve seen many attacks against Islam lately, and in the past Christianity too. He also associates with White Nationalists, and posts videos from NRG (Nationalist Republican Guard), who’s head was charged with harassment of a rabbi, where he threatened “give me the money Jew, or else.”

Seemingly, Shermon believes saying he is pro-Israel and anti-Palestine makes this acceptable. 



As of late though, he seems to have found ‘God’, claims he has ‘God on his side’ and has been seen wearing rosary beads. Odd, he was recently vehemently anti-Christian.

I suppose though, if you are trying to gain political foothold by using RUAP chairman Daniel Nalliah, the man who famously stated that he had a divine dream prior to the Black Saturday bushfires, that they would occur due to the relaxation of abortion laws in Victoria – but told nobody, then claiming you’re a Christian would help your cause.


5. Violence  

We’ve seen Shermon call for violence many times. On the day of his rallies, he called for violence. He’s called on witchhunting and vigilante justice. He’s admitted he deliberately travelled to Cronulla to join into the racial riots too and is somewhat obsessed with the videos from the 2005 racial riots themselves. Shermon is also an avid hunter, but calls the methods of halal slaughter to be cruel to animals.




6. Drug use 

This is an extremely contentious topic. Shermon has largely avoided this topic, but the evidence he thought he had deleted from his band ‘Clockwork and Sherminator’ (himself and Alex) unfortunately, wasn’t completely erased. Shermon also was allegedly a recreational steroid user in recent times.


This is a screenshot of the former band page on facebook. In the bottom of the screenshot, there is a photo, 3rd from the left. Let’s take a closer look at this photo.


We can see what’s going on here, but feel free to make your own assumption.

That’s not all.



For a man who claims he stands up for Australian values and our way of life, claims to be an Australian patriot, one really needs to ask some questions.

What is Shermon’s idea of Australia?

What ways of life and Australian laws exactly is he trying to uphold?



One thought on “The man who wants to ‘Reclaim Australia’ – who is Shermon Burgess?

  1. raidbaqartumas says:

    Allah u Akbar
    الله أكبر
    Thank you for publishing that Facebook website.
    Now we free thinkers can fully appreciate both sides of this argument.
    السلام يكون معكم


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