A man and his obsession with scapegoating.

We all know Burgess’ and his crew have an obsession with blaming innocent people and scapegoating individuals – that’s exactly what Reclaim Australia is about after all. 

Never let facts get in the way of a good story. 

Well, Shermon hasn’t learned from the numerous times he’s incorrectly blamed people for things they didn’t do in the past. He’s never stepped forward and apologised or rescinded his statements either. 

and now, he’s done it again.


This post appeared on Shermon’s page a few hours ago, we’ve chosen to blur out the young man’s face – for a very good reason.

It’s false.

Shermon knows it’s false, because last night a message appeared on his wall from the daughter of the allegedly-attacked woman stating the attacker was ‘a woman’.


Hours later, Shermon posts the above image of the young man, calling a witchhunt for this young man. There’s no mention of how this information was obtained, no video, no hearsay either. Just a post that his followers blindly follow.


In their true ‘patriot’ fashion, they call for naming and shaming of this poor young man. 

Some people immediately jumped at Shermon’s total disregard for evidence though, including the victim’s daughter.



So why doesn’t he remove it? We don’t know. Where’s the evidence? We don’t know.

It’s unsurprising though, he’s done it before, many times. 

Shermon has wanted to know the identity of slackbastard for years, as have many white nationalist and Neo Nazi websites.



Months later, James Gilhome blamed an innocent man as being slackbastard. No evidence as to how the IP was attached to this man though.


This spread as far as Restore Australia (Mike Holt’s page) calling for his head as well. 


The funny part was, it was false, and premeditated.


Shermon deleted the post later, and Gilhome went into hiding for a short period. Mike Holt was supposedly told by police to remove the post as it was false too. 

All went quiet…

Then they tried to blame an innocent man as us at ReclaimWhat. Again, no evidence was called, just a barrage o frothing-mouthed idiots tugging at their leashes.



This got so nasty that people offered money to hunt him down.


(Not sure why xx is appropriate at the end of a bounty message…)

Nobody asked for evidence then either. They treated his word as if it were gospel.

This again, was removed, and went quiet.

We also see some of his followers following in his unverified witch-hunting footsteps, blaming a male, who they’ve ‘identified’ as the ‘flag burner’ in the Sydney rally. 


More homophobic sentiments there too. Funnily, the man they’ve scapegoated is actually from Melbourne, not Sydney. Secondly, the person burning the flag was a woman. 

Again, a person offering money to harm this person (tried saving your cash?)

Again, flag desecration is also not a crime in Australia. 

I digress.

Now. He’s done it again.  

He has never once apologised, and never once retracted these statements. 

Why do people continually take his word as fact, when he provides no evidence, in the face of opposing evidence?

Why does this man claim to stand up for Australian law, when we have the benefit of presumption of innocence‘?


Even in countries with strict sharia-adherence they have a justice system built of the same presumption.

and people want this man as Prime Minister? 


 Over my dead body. 



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