Why ‘Reclaim Australia’ isn’t for the greater Jewish Community.

“Free Speech!” they proclaimed, on the Reclaim Australia side. 

This grew louder throughout the rallies as the day grew on. 

An easy to swallow ideal, who doesn’t want free speech?

Well, for one, Australia. Our constitution, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t include free speech. In fact, we have various laws against particular items of speech in this country. For example, the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

The odd part of this proclamation by the Reclaim Australia supporters is that they get mad when others use ‘free speech’ to quash their stupidity. 

That’s the beauty of democracy.

But I digress.

We’ve written numerous articles about the antisemitic nature of some of the large voices behind the Reclaim Australia Rallies nationwide. Including the main man, Shermon Burgess, using the ‘video production skills’ of NRG (a spinoff of the Nationalist Alternative) and their head-honcho Neil Erikson, the man charged with harassment of a Melbourne Rabbi in 2014, in which the magistrate stated was ‘clearly racially motivated’.

Nationalist Alternative were present at the Melbourne rally. Let’s take a look at how they feel about Jews and Israel:

We, the undersigned, accept our rejection from any liberal whites who acquiesce in the slow death of the white Western peoples through mass non-white immigration; we accept our rejection by liberal Jewish intellectuals and “community leaders”; we accept our rejection by the liberal establishment. We reject the idea that the future of the West is somehow tied in any way with Israel. We do not aim to please any of these groups, instead, we strive to do what is right. We are fighting to reclaim the lands of the West and ensure the survival and self-determination of our people. We shall not stop until victory is assured and secured.

We also know there were many of the White Supremacist / Nationalist groups planning to use these rallies as a recruitment tool. In the aftermath, we’ve even seen these people claim they tried to convert the ‘kosher conservatives.’

We don’t for a second believe that these people wouldn’t do exactly what was done to the Muslim community at these marches to the Jewish community if they were given half the chance. This is easily evidenced in the above.

But that’s not all – the organisers knew damn well that there were Neo Nazis and antisemites at their rallies, but tried to deny it.

This is blatantly false, and somewhat stupid to state considering people had cameras at the rallies.

That’s only some of what people saw.

What then concerned us was the disregard and failure of the Reclaim Australia rallies to distance from crap like this:

These people are incredibly racist, supremacist and were in obvious motivation to attend these rallies. 

Reclaim Australia ignored our warnings and said nothing.

Then today, an odd statement popped up on the Australian Jewish Communal Lobby’s page.

Now, either the idiot behind this page, Jaron Chester, is taking Australian Jews for a ride, or he’s blatantly ignorant. People weren’t happy.

Some ‘patriots’ seemed a tad confused about the persuasions behind closed doors though.

Even more concerning is now the fact that DailyStormer plan to use this idiotic message by Jaron Chester to divide the Jewish population.

The evidence is there, black and white. 

All of the Reclaim Australia organisers know of the Neo Nazi cancer growing in their organisation and only ever make mention of it when hard pressed by the media. They have done little about it. They know that there are forces of antisemites pushing this movement as it suits their agenda.

We are thankful to hear that the AJCL are not a mainstream group speaking for Jews, but 5000+ likes concerns us nonetheless.

We have a message for all Jewish Australians who may have seen this post – be very careful who you associate with, and how they wish to ‘deal’ with you in the future. 

7/4/2015 – UPDATE: The JCCV, a far more respected Jewish community organisation have absolutely condemned the rallies here.

Ms Huppert advised that, “the Facebook page known as the ‘Australian Jewish Communal Lobby’ is not affiliated with JCCV or any Jewish communal organisation, and does not represent the views of the Jewish community.”



3 thoughts on “Why ‘Reclaim Australia’ isn’t for the greater Jewish Community.

  1. spiderwebstrength says:

    You needn’t worry about Jews being fooled or divided by the rubbish quoted. Jews are pretty smart especially at recognising white supremacist rhetoric. As a rule they are quick to defend fellow human beings from being targetted by bigotry. But remarks like ‘either they are self-loathing Jews…’ are rather ugly. It’s a pity people don’t recognise the use of symbols like the flag-waving logo and other dissonant signs that indicate the so-called Jewish communal lobby is a non- Jewish fantasy with possibly sinister overtones.


    1. wahidazal66 says:

      The EDL (English Defense League) has had the support of arch-Zionists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for years. PEGIDA rallies in Germany have had an inordinate presence of ultra-Zionist Jews among them where Neo-Nazis openly rub shoulders with seasoned ultra-Zionists in towns like Dresden and Frankfurt. Here is the evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90jcFnRYQRw

      In Ukraine the alliance of Neo-Nazis with corrupt Zionist Jewish oligarchs like Ihor Kolomoyskyi (who has been bankrolling the Right Sector Nazis) is overwhelming. So the issues are somewhat complicated here.

      The interests of political Zionism is to stoke as much as Islamophobia as possible among white, uneducated and xenophobic cross-sections of Anglo-American societies because it shores up support for Israel and detracts from Israel’s apartheid and its genocidal human rights crimes against the Palestinian people.

      Yes, of course, there are many Jews who neither support Israel and find this Zionist-neo-Nazi alliance quite troubling. But the fact remains that powerful Zionist lobbies are in fact behind much of these fascist anti-Islamicization groups and movements, and are indeed openly supporting (and in some cases bankrolling) Neo-Nazis and white nationalist groups.


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