Refuting more lies – again.

So after the semi-failure of the Reclaim Australia rallies around the country yesterday, the ‘official’ page is starting to come out with some heinous lies and stupid attacks against the state in an attempt to salvage their rallies’ credibility.

Firstly, we had news reports of their demands and ideals. The most prominent lies were “we’re not against Islam, just extremism.” and “we aren’t white supremacists.”

Perhaps your supporters didn’t catch the memo:

Not sure about you, but I see both Neo Nazis and those against Islam completely in the above images. It also doesn’t help that Shermy confirmed this completely (being against Islam) at the Sydney rally. 

As it became obvious they were outnumbered in Melbourne, it didn’t take long for the organisers in kahootz with Shermon to come up with some lies to make their rally seem innocent.

The first thing to note in the above image is the caption. ‘Unwashed lefties‘ is a term coined by Neil Erikson, convicted antisemite, in his videos under ‘NRG PROP’ or ‘Nationalist Republican Guard Propagada.’  

A nationalist, anti-Jew, anti-Black, anti-Islamic group, formed in 2014 under Erikson when he left Nationalist Alternative (another racist party, who was seen at the Melbourne rally before being swiftly ejected by the anti-racist protestors) they’re known for some of their more distasteful, blatantly white supremacist/Neo Nazi propaganda below:

For a group (Reclaim Australia and Burgess as The Great Aussie Patriot) who claim they don’t mix with the extremist far-right, they sure do seem to mimick their sentiments. 

Lowering your rally to insulting the hygiene (incorrectly) of those all on the other side of the political spectrum also speaks volumes of the credibility you possess.

Anyway, back to the image.

Let’s break this down:

The top left shows an Australian flag being burnt at the Sydney rally.

Firstly, let’s make some points.

  • Flag desecration is not illegal in Australia. 
  • WW1 and WW2 veterans did not actually fight under the National Australian Flag (Blue Ensign) as this was only legislated as our National flag in 1953
  • The forced removal of Aboriginal children occurred between 1909 and 1969. The Blue Ensign was the National Flag during these policies from the State and Federal governments.

We sought clarification on this from Sydney rally-goers. It seems the flag was burned by some Indigenous persons as a symbol of rejecting what Australia had done to their people.

Reclaim Australia rally-goers claimed this to be untrue, because the woman was fair skinned. We’re not even going to argue why that’s a stupid, racist observation and completely wrong.  

Whilst we certainly don’t condone flag desecration, we can understand why it was done.

The top right image shows a photo of police, claiming they had manure thrown at them.

This story so far seems to only be word of mouth and come crappy video that Neil Erikson filmed. 

Victoria police made no mention of this actually occurring nor any complaints from officers of it. What we have heard between both sides is that manure was thrown between opposing parties. We’ve also observed Erikson’s video and it seems the manure comes from the Reclaim Australia rally-goers. Again, this is hard to confirm.

The bottom left photo claims that Reclaim Australia ‘Patriots’ were peaceful, and the left were not. 

Why don’t you decide?

Reclaim Australia supporters:

The opposition:

The last photo (bottom right) supposedly shows an arm of an elderly woman who was hurt, when someone grabbed her Australian flag off her.

We’ve made numerous requests for evidence of this and there are claims on their side that there is a video floating around. To date, it hasn’t been supplied. We did witness however some elderly persons being attacked and even spat on by Reclaim Australia supporters in Melbourne and Sydney. 

We also note the bruise in the photo is quite blue-purple. Knowing how bruises form is fairly simple. Broken capillaries and blood vessels under the skin allow blood to escape and clot in areas under the skin, which initially shows as red.

It is known that this may take some hours, if not days, for the blood to deoxygenate and go blue-purple, yet this photo showed up only hours later (and the photo shows it to be taken in daylight). We certainty question the validity and genuinity of this photo and its claim. 

It seems now also, Reclaim Australia are blaming Victoria Police and Comissioner Ken Lay for their failure in the Melbourne rally.

They’re claiming the police blocked them from the SBS concourse and blocked them in.

While we did witness the police forming blocks, the way they were facing and who they were holding back suggested they were stopping anti-racism protestors from getting into their concourse and breaking up their rally. 

Regardless, we have no issues with how Victoria Police handled the rally in Melbourne as a whole.

We do have issue with the vile language, posters, violence and spitting over the concourse edge we saw from the Reclaim Australia supporters.

It seems nothing is sacred to them. 

Some of the observations we also had made by our supporters on the day was the piss-ups seen by Reclaim Supporters at bars around rally’s prior to 12 midday and the seemingly intoxicatedness of their supporters (especially when up close), the almost completely white base of supporters at their rallies, and the confused messages between “not all Muslims are bad” to the “fags, feminists, Islam and immigrants out!” from the White Nationalists.

At least DailyStormer stuck to their word.

The lies of the above image can also be seen by simple scrolling through any of the photos on the day. It seems the least diverse (be it culturally, religiously, racially or age-dictated) was the Reclaim Australia supporters.

To read more about the antisemitic undertones of these rallies click here.

Ah well…


5 thoughts on “Refuting more lies – again.

  1. Jim Craney says:

    I was in the back line of Anti-Racists in Flinder’s St. with the horses literally breathing down my neck. Plenty of horse shit on the ground, but absolutely NONE thrown at police or any other person.
    However, on one occasion, when the troopers urged their horses forward, a young woman of around nineteen, fell under a horse. The trooper kept on going, pushing froward despite the fact the police had formed a barrier at the front and we had no room to move. The girl was terror stricken as the horse started to weave and stomp. I managed to grab her wrist and pull her to safety. The trooper knew what was going on but didn’t give a shit!
    The behaviour of the police at this section was a disgrace and certainly brought no glory to the Victorian Police.


  2. jasmine says:

    Just wondering if you have the sources of these photos, in particular who took the photo of the ‘for those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share’ sign? That photographer took a few photos of me I would like to see 🙂


  3. derbyiters says:

    STRANGE that why is it,
    ” that the media services are only interested in running down everything that we AUSSIE’S want to show & stick up for ! ” thou, their wants is simply to cause and stir the CONFLICT & SPITE just for the big headlines for the sale of their paper/channel or own interest, nothing else bloody matters anymore.. Let’s hope their just desserts is served without the cream of the public when their turn is due ! And let’s watch them scream louder than loud without the intervention of anyone to protect them in karma’s only dues …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. derbyiters says:

      Money talks, and those with big noted attitudes need to come back down to earth.. Tha to grip over to every little minority group to keep their ratings up EH ! Yep, there needs to be a clean sweep out of many of those commentators that have well past their use by dates now 😝


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