Well done all!

Today was very interesting, very interesting indeed. 

A few of our admins were stationed around Australia and sent through images and user images throughout the day.

The day begun with Shermon posting up some war-mongering propaganda much to the anger of his followers.

Rallies and counter-rallies seemingly begun from 10AM onwards. 

Were unsure why some Sydney rally-goers wore Roman costumes…

Toowoomba had their picnic.

the largest turnout of anti-racism protestors was definitely Melbourne, which easily outnumbered all of the Reclaim Australia rally-goers:

(We had a lot of photos sent in, so sorry if we aren’t able to show them on this post)

Also in an odd turn of events, Reclaim Australia’s Twitter account was ‘hacked’:

The admin team of Reclaim Australia claimed it was a ‘rogue admin’, regardless, it was hilarious and only denigrates their cause further.

There was much media attention at all the rallies, but things did turn quite ugly in Melbourne where violence broke out between lines. 

Some of our admins witnessed this including a man (RA) push a woman to the ground, a woman (RA) smash another woman’s phone, and a stick thrown at police by what’s being reported as an RA rally-goer.

ABC reported one arrest “A man at the Reclaim Australia rally in Hobart was arrested and charged with assault after his group clashed with the counter-rally supporting multiculturalism.”

A police officer was also hit by an angry a Reclaim Australia rally-goer which was caught by Channel 9 news:

A lot of media representation in regards to these rallies has been seen including some of the ‘media delegates’ at RA claiming they are ‘not racists or supremacists of any kind‘, although what had been seen on the day certainly begs to differ. 

(Nationalist Alternative leader Mark Hootsen, anti-Jew, anti-Islamic racist.)

(Neil Erikson [orange toll jacket], NRG leader, convicted antisemite and man behind all of Shermon Burgess’ videos, no doubt filming his propaganda.)

(Random skinheads with their fantasticly obvious swastika tattoos)

(The obvious hypocrisy – made obvious)

(More confrontation by RA-goers walking into anti-racism protesting groups)

The Reclaim Australia group have vehemently denied being anti-Muslim, but our mate and most watched individual Shermom Burgess (after his much reported failure when he tried to apologise for being racist) had this to say:

“We have an extreme ideology called Islam which is starting to gain a foothold in our societies,” 

We also heard reports of an Australian flag being burnt. We sought clarification on this and found out this was true, however, we do not condone any flag burning whatsoever. 

We have been advised the flag was burnt by a group of Indigenous Australians as a symbol of being against oppression that white-Australia has subjected their people to. 

People were also not happy with today’s events from the Reclaim Australia side calling today a ‘failure’ and ‘pointless’.

All in all, the media attention for their side has not been pretty. 

Well done to everyone who attended a counter rally and stood up to racism, xenophobia and scapegoating/bullying!




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