Counter rally times and locations.

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(please note this is an ever-evolving list and may not be up to date, check links.)

For those wanting to oppose ‪#‎ReclaimAustralia‬ and public expressions of bigotry, ignorance, Islamophobia, racism, right-wing extremism, xenophobia and (palingenetic) ultra-nationalism on April 4:

Reclaim Adelaide from the Racists
Saturday April 4 10am

Rally Against Racism & Bigotry /// Brisbane Counter-Protest to the neonazi-led “Reclaim Australia”
Saturday April 4 10:30am @ King George Square

Stand Against Islamophobia! (Canberra’s Reclaim Australia Counter Protest)
Saturday April 4 11am @ National Library

Gold Coast
Reclaim Australia Counter Rally
Saturday April 4 10am @ Evandale Park

Anti-Rally Solidarity
Saturday April 4 11:30am @ Parliament Lawns

Rally Against Racism
Saturday April 4 midday (We know of people attending as early as 10AM though) @ Federation Square

Rally Against Racism
Saturday April 4 11am @ Solidarity Park

Anti-Racist Counter-Rally – Stop Islamophobia
Saturday April 4 10:30 am @ Martin Place

Please read up on staying safe here.

We can stand against idiots like Shermon and Neil Erikson in their attempts to drive hate through a nation.

Stay safe all!



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