Toowoomba reduced to a mere ‘permit to picnic’.

Toowoomba rally has completely disbanded. To them, their rally just is simply not worth having anymore considering the police have reduced it to a mere 3 hour picnic with severe restrictions. No racial or religious signage is permitted.

ReclaimWhat understands rally-goers in Toowoomba petitioned the local police for approval by advising them they “weren’t the same as Reclaim Australia Rallies” and held “different views”, explaining the different name on the permit, although this seems to have convinced police to approve a mere picnic, the facebook page still states their name as “Reclaim Australia”.

ReclaimWhat have obtained the police correspondence, feel free to read:

No walk permitted, the 3 hours INCLUDES cleanup, no alcohol, no stalls or tents, no links or connections to Reclaim Australia permitted, marshals have no rights to remove people either.

Too bad, so sad.


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