Too little, too late, Shermon.

Shermon has come out and made his own attempt at salvaging the Reclaim Rallies and his own credibility by apologising for the video he made on calling Aboriginals scum. 

We don’t, and we hope nobody else accept this apology as it comes at the most convenient time, immediately before his beloved racist ‘Reclaim Australia for the west‘ rallies.

(We’ve been asked if the misused apostrophe in his title annoys us. Yes, yes it does. We also don’t know the difference between “Native Aboriginals” and “Regular Aboriginals”)

He also quotes this video circulating was years ago. That is a flat out lie. The video was up as recently as late January 2015.

He removed it after we and other groups brought his racist views to other’s attention. He only deleted it as it wasn’t doing his agenda justice.


The man is stil part of the ADL, still shares videos from NRG who are run by a convicted antisemite, and his rallies are endorsed by the Daily Stormer (an unashamedly Neo Nazi White Supremacist website) who have the most disgusting things to say about the Indigenous population of Australia.

Whitelaw towers, a website Shermon defends and also shares, calls Blackfulla revolution a ‘racist’ page.

He held these views – what’s changed?

Nothing. It’s just that he’s getting so much backlash that he’s been exposed, it’s probably time he staged an apology.

Even as recently as last night, telling someone who spoke against him that he would contact ASIO for their ‘threat’.

Might we also remind our readers, whilst Shermon was very quick to delete any comments on his page bringing attention to his racist tirade, he allowed ones like the below to fester in his facebook threads.

(The video, much like all of his before James Gilhome purchased him a new handycam, was mirrored. It’s not ‘on the wrong arm.’)

He feels this way about all Islamic people being bad – why hasn’t that changed?

Because it doesn’t suit his cause.

DO NOT buy into this. 

Too little, too late, Shermon!


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