Erikson and Burgess outdo their stupidity.

and the latest hate video has hit social media, this time, uploaded to Vimeo. Probably because he knows this shit wouldn’t fly on facebook.

In typical Erikson/NRG fashion, the thumbnail is a photo of Islamic extremists holding someone at point blank, in an obvious attempt at linking that to the ‘future of Australia.’   Ha.   Ha.

The video is again, voiced by Erikson. He tells us how he’s heard what we say at the dinner table. 

Creepy, I don’t want a convicted antisemite in my house! 

Anyway, we’re told that we are at a last chance to reclaim Australia, maybe Sharia Law Act 2015 is coming April 5, who knows, but then Erikson gives us another timeframe – 29 years.

20 years until the scary Moozlamics take over!

Our ‘favourite’ shots throughout the video include the final moments of the Sydney siege, Cronulla riots, and psycho-pastor Danny Nalliah crapping on about some racist shit when he himself is an immigrant too.

We think he knows these rallies are set to fail.


One thought on “Erikson and Burgess outdo their stupidity.

  1. theillmc says:

    Wait, everyone will be wearing a burqa in 20 years? Amazing claim. Almost the perfect April Fools joke (I see the vid was uploaded on April 1st).


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