Another word on the Neo-Nazism and blatant racism of the ‘Reclaim Australia Rally’ movement.

3 days to go to get your absolute ugliest hatred on – or at least, that’s paraphrasing what’s going on over on ‘The Great Australian Patriot’ and associated rally pages.

We’ve seen some spectacular things in the last few days. We had rally’s blow up due to their own failure of organisation (and even some public brawling between themselves. Oh gosh.)

We’ve seen the news pick up on these events, and they’re not exactly painting them nicely, and we anticipate this to only get more negative press in the coming days.

But now it’s become a race to the bottom for Shermon and associated Rally pages.

We’ve seen his obvious associations to the NRG, a far right Neo Nazi movement headed by Neil Erikson, the man who harassed a rabbi due to his race and religion, and narrowly avoided jail for doing so.

We’ve seen him sympathise with WhiteLaw towers being White Nationalist, “at least they’re not antifa.”

We’ve even seen the likes of racist ranter Nicholas Folkes come to his defence, previous member of the far-right Australian Protectionist Party who spectacularly failed in all elections and never managed to secure a seat.

Ah, but now, it gets worse.

Shermon seems to be a little stupid when it comes to checking things and thinking about repercussions prior to sharing them, we all remember the infamous ANZAC video where the man didn’t even check that he was inserting photos of fascist leaders and Nazis into his video.

Now, he’s gone and shared information via his page from none other than PEGIDA.

But why is that an issue?

Translated from German, Pegida is a group that stands for ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West’. (We see this patriot word thrown around a lot.)

The group began in Germany in 2014 under the creator Lutz Bachmann, a Neo Nazi.

German politicians, clergy and industry leaders have called PEGIDA xenophobic and Islamophobic. Its founder and leader Lutz Bachmann resigned in January 2015 after xenophobic remarks and a photograph of him posing as Adolf Hitler surfaced, which led to criminal investigations.

Excerpts from a closed Facebook conversation incriminated Bachmann as having designated immigrants as “animals”, “scumbags” and “trash”, classified as hate speech in Germany

Germany does not approve of that bullshit.

On another occasion, Bachmann had posted a photo of a man wearing the uniform of the US white supremacist organisation Ku Klux Klan accompanied by the slogan: “Three Ks a day keeps the minorities away.” Not racist at all…

The 6 main goals of the PEGIDA movement seem to include anti-European Union sentiments and making amends with Russia. How sweet.

The good news though is numerous protests against Pegida and affiliated movements in cities across Germany have drawn up to 35000 demonstrators in Dresden and up to 100,000 nationwide.

So, back to ‘Straya.

Coincidentally, a lot of these anti-islamic rallies by PEGIDA, which will only fuel division and discriminatory sentiments, are being held around the same date as the Reclaim Australia movements. They’re not just dropping like flies in Australia though. Canada’s main rally has crumbled too. 

Shermon has also shared videos from sites such as the EDL and Britain First. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron called the EDL ‘sick.’

Could it get worse? Yes.

As registrant of the Reclaim Australia Rallies business name with ASIC, he really has another problem now facing these movements that he has to quash (which he won’t, because he loves it). Daily Stormer, extremist far right white supremacist website has called on all of its Neo Nazi faction to the rallies nationwide, telling followers ‘You MUST ATTEND’. 

Bring your camo pants and nazi flags too!

“You have absolutely NO excuse not to attend, White Australian man.”

Whatever hope of positive media coverage they had left is surely gone now.

So, with such evidence pointing to this racist-movements ugly demise, why are people still pretending like this movement actually has any meaning.

For our children. To realise we are intolerant bastards.”

Incredibly funny, really.


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