RAR Mackay lied.

Dr Gale said events like the Reclaim Australia Rally often came from a lack of understanding and lack of experience.

The Morning Bulletin have released a story on the RA rallies and the ‘new racism’ pushing their movement. 

Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow yesterday said a permit application that had been lodged for the rally was still under consideration.

That’s funny, Mackay vehemently defend their supposed police approval, and this article was from March 31 (today).

Dr Peter Gale, Nationalism expert from University of South Australia, has said there’s been a shift in racism from racial superiority and inferiority to “who belongs and who doesn’t”.

We personally think it’s hilarious how much these rallies wanting press, and now they’re getting it, it’s uglier than they could’ve imagined.

Let’s see what the next few days begin.


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