Now we’ve made WhiteLaw Towers mad.

WhiteLaw towers. A sad, sorry excuse for a white-pride, nationalist far-right fringe blog.

They’ve written on many topics before, usually Islam, Jews, even Aboriginals. Obviously, not favourably. 

We’ve now been mentioned! How cute!

This time they’ve had a cry at the dox DeathSec released, who Erikson claimed was his mother’s address (isn’t it a little sad he still lives at home, at his age?)

What bothers us though, is the hypocrisy. Where was their ‘assurance’ that the people they ‘exposed’ didn’t have their parents (or children) living at home? What about all of those people they claimed to be us and slackbastard, that they got so very, very wrong.

They now want sympathy for having a taste of their own medicine. They’re afraid someone will blow up Erikson’s mailbox (at least it would stop the collections notices momentarily.)

Well, for one, we aren’t DeathSec. But let’s say we didn’t source and publicly display Erikson’s details ourselves. We would still have no sympathy for his privacy and right to peace. Where was that empathetic feeling when he harassed and threatened a rabbi for being Jewish?

The antisemitism of the forces behind Reclaim Australia still continue. WhiteLaw Towers, in their March 27 blog, have made a snide little comment toward the Jewish population of Melbourne and their ‘confused’ stance on this:

One would think that Melbourne’s rather large Jewish community are as confused as hell. Mum and Dad Jew will be going with reclaim and their snotty nosed pimply faced reactionary kids will be 

It’s typical drivel we see from their supremacist blog, but it’s just goes to show that the Reclaim Rallies are really excuses to drive out anything that isn’t Aryan Christian.

The funny thing is, we’ve been up for only about a month, and already managed to piss off some of the most outspoken fringe Nazi groups out there, without even really mentioning them. If that doesn’t show their agenda, I’m not sure what will.

It is good to see though that with all of the crumbling reclaim rallies, and anger coming from these racist Nazi groups, that the opposition is staying tight knit and on the ball!

Fun, fun!


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