A week of hypocrisy.

Well, what a week it has been!

We have seen Shermon claim they found us, in kahootz with Neil Erikson, the man behind the Nationalist Republican Guard (a far-right White Supremacist Neo Nazi group), we have seen Restore Australia admit they had the wrong man (and therefore had to remove their with-hunting post asking for people to assist police in finding him…) thus removing their post, for the man that James Gilhome assured his friends at The Great Aussie Patriot was slackbastard. We then had all of the above persons have a cry that we supposedly revealed Erikson’s mother’s address. 

Well, we have a few things to say about that.

Firstly, we want to cover James. James has asked us not to use his first name, even though this man has no shame in telling those on his page ‘Extremism is Unaustralian‘ that he is a real person, and putting up a photo of his photo ID. In public. Right..

We then had the remnants of James Gilhome’s supposed ‘dox’ on slackbastard claiming him to be a man who actually had nothing to do with it, as we had said from day one.

Let’s not forget the witch hunting that this caused:

Later in the week, DeathSec released information they believed to be of Neil Erikson. 

Let’s just make it clear that ReclaimWhat isn’t actually DeathSec, although they do follow us and agree with our message, which is a good thing.

We posted a wordpress on this, and this made Erikson, himself, and himself as WhiteLaw towers very mad. They claimed it was his mother’s address.

Well, we took the chance to speak to DeathSec and find out exactly how this information was sought, to ensure no privacy breaches occurred. Funnily enough, there were none. 

See, DeathSec didn’t actually need to ‘hack’ to find any of these details, Erikson left an easy trail for them.

See, Erikson told police and the Magistrates court in 2013 this was indeed, his address:

He then told his service provider, when he registered his mobile phone, that too was his address. Erikson obviously didn’t tick the ‘do not list’ box on his registration, it’s on WhitePages and the phone number answers as him. 

That either means the man has lied, again, in saying it’s his mother’s address, OR, it is his mother’s address and he uses that to cover his traces and lied to a court about it, too, OR, he still lives at home with his mother.

We love how we then saw this appear on pages like ‘Extremism is UnAustralian’ where James Gilhome claimed it was not ok to post up addresses of people. HA. HA. HA.

We’d like to remind James that he was the person who so proudly proclaimed he found slackbastard and had people chasing an innocent man.

We can assume James didn’t ascertain whether than man’s mother lived with him either.

Anyway, so Erikson was mad, and then accused us of being a fellow ‘lefty’, but slapped a label on this innocent man that he actually created this website. 

Neil’s right wing bitch, Shermon, used his platform to inform the masses. Nobody asked questions, just posted threads and threads of death threats.

So we would like to pose the following questions:

Neil, you expect sympathy now, for the possibility of someone breaching your peace. Where was that empathy when you harassed a man for his race and faith?

James, where’s your apology to the man you proudly called slackbastard?

Shermon, why are you using your platform to ‘hunt persons’ for Erikson if you’re not associated with Neo Nazis?

We remember this:

On a final note, we and we hope others see through the hypocrisy and the ‘sympathy please’ card. 

It’s not warranted.



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