Recent concerns.

There has been some justified concern lately about the risks associated with publishing of personal information – we completely agree. We have seen this in examples of slackbastard and where individuals who have 0 to do with these pages have been named as the creators.

We would like the chance to clear up some of those concerns:

1. We will not publish information that is not publicly available, information published to date has been sought from sources such as ASIC, ABR, WhitePages, and Public websites. 

2. Where there has been a ‘dox’ that contains potentially sensitive or non-publicly available information, we will no longer direct link to that information or post photographs of such in future posts, however, the wordpress blog may still report on these from time to time.

3. Our website has been from day 1 under 3 particular motivations. The first is refuting lies, which we believe we meet consistently, the second is stopping scapegoating, against faiths, groups and individuals, which we also believe we have consistently met, the final was exposing Neo Nazism, which we also believe we’ve met. At times, these issues can become quite contentious, understandably. 

Given the April 4th date is drawing closer, tensions are high, we have seen pure examples of what happens when people blur their better judgement and don’t enquire the sources of information, this can be of absolute detriment to people uninvolved. Media attention is also growing, and we can assure members that this is something we actually want, by providing a source of information for such outlets, we hope they seek the truth. There is also an increase in security based matters, we can assure all of those concerned we are 100% willing to be cooperative with any authority to assist in bringing down these hateful people who have broken the law.

If anybody has any concern that we have not met the above, please let us know, and we will do our best to resolve that.



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